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Please email us the story and picture of the happy and successful adoption of your CBR-East Beagle!

Bourbon (formerly Zoey): Dear CBR-East, Two years ago we said goodbye to our best friend, Delta, a beagle/bassett mix who had shared our lives for > 11 years. At that time we agreed... There was another dog in our future, but not a beagle... out of respect for Delta.

OK, we were wrong! When a friend adopted a beagle mix and brought him to visit, Cleo the cat was clearly fascinated & seemed to be telling us she remembered her friend Delta. She marched over and sat next to the new dog, purring up a storm.



In February we adopted Zoey from your program. She is now known as Bourbon, the Kentucky Beagle :) She and Cleo are best friends - most of the time. Bourbon has brought humor, silliness and fun into our home, and it feels as though she has been with us for longer than a few months. She is a total bed hog and loves to greet us when we come home by standing up to look us in the eye (or as close as possible!) While wagging her entire back end like crazy. We adore her!! We are so grateful to CBR-East for matching us with Zoey/Bourbon.


-Jim & Julie Jacobs (adopted Zoey/Bourbon CBR-E February 2009)



Maggie: Thought it might be about time for an update with a picture or two attached! Maggie, now also affectionately called Queen Maggie Moo Moo, Moomalicious, Miss Wigglebutt or just plain Maggsie, is delighting us every minute of every day. Her personality continues to come out as she settles in, and this is
indeed a happy home. She spends most days with my mom, who has decided it's a good thing to have a dog in her bed or on her lap! At 35 pounds (verified at the first vet appointment last weekend, and we took a couple pounds off of her before that!) she is a lapful, but nobody here is complaining.

She loves the fenced in yard, and we love watching her tear around it...amazed at how fast she is, and how light on her feet as well. Funny to see that she does not like to step on anything icy, so she very gracefully vaults over the frozen puddles or low areas that have iced over, just like a freakin antelope!  :)  She has had her first basic obedience class, and was immediately the teacher's pet. Not sure who is being trained, her or us, but is fun nonetheless, and will be invaluable as she gets more sure of herself here (cocky is the attitude that is showing itself at times!). And other than some occasional curiosity with the birds, she is basically not interested in either of them (except for the spilled seed she can lick up!) Our lives now seem to spin around her, and when are we going to walk her, feed her, play with her, etc. There are not enough ways or words to say 'Thank you' for that. I hope this finds you well and working your magic with new CBRE inductees!  :)

-Pat & Jeff (adopted Maggie/CBR-E December 2009)







































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