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Please email us the story and picture of the happy and successful adoption of your CBR-East Beagle!

Sam: Sam is doing just wonderful!!  His tail is permanently up and alert.  That makes us so happy knowing that he is happy!  His eye contact is becoming so much more connected (esp w/some exercises we play)!  He came here very hesitant about our french door that I take him out thru and now he literally LEAPS thru it with a running start!  He plays with his toys and more.  He loves his walks and noticing everything.  He keeps up at a great clip as I mentioned, which is good so he can keep up and have fun at the same time.  There was one accident (the first be expected of course) and that has been it.  He really gets where and when to go.  He is adjusting fabulously and everyday is making new strides...and his favorite...snuggling in our bed and having sweet dreams!  Man, is he hard to wake up! 

- Tami, Nick, John and Sam (CBR-E September 2006)




Baci: Thought you might like to see a few pics of Baci.  She is a sweetheart and just wants to be a lap dog.  Sleeps all night in bed with us and is not an early riser.  We are so glad to have her & she's a great companion for Precious.

- Lisa, Bruce, Precious and Baci (CBR-E August 2006)


Petey (formerly Tweety): Petey is the sweetest dog I've ever met.  He has become my shadow when I'm home.  He may cause injury to me because everytime I turn around, I'm tripping over him!!  But who could get upset when they look at those soulful eyes.


His first night in our home went fine.  I tried to get him to settle down on his bed in my bedroom, but he was so wound up sniffing sniffing sniffing all over the house.  Even Jenny got sick of following him around and went to bed!  So I put his bed in a crate in my room and he slept there. He was quiet as a mouse and did great.  He and Jenny are getting along quite fine.  There was some postering this morning and Jenny was nipping at his legs, but he let her know when he didn't like it and she stopped.  They're outside now alternating playing and ignoring each other.  When he's in he just wonders around the house, and comes to find me every once in a while for a little petting and then goes back on his merry way.  Very cute!


He certainly is a little piggles.  If someone is in the kitchen, he's there! He stole half of Jenny's meal this morning before I could even pull him away!  She's not one to immediately wolf down her food so I'm going to have to figure out some way to deal with that.  But if that's my only problem with this, I consider it to be a problem free transition!!

- The Fanuka Family [adopted Petey, CBR-E November 2006)



Nina: I am so glad to report that my little Nina was not too disturbed about the fireworks going off in celebration of the New Year!  Nina is doing very well and after a short while with me and I really do so enjoy her.  She sits on my knee and sleeps cuddles up next to me!  Enjoy these photos of her.  I do really believe that she now feels that this is her home. 


Best wishes,

Hazel (adopted Nina, CBR-E October 2006)

Ashley: I just wanted to send you a picture of Ashley!  She is doing great and Max is adjusting as well.  They are having a wonderful time running around the yard together.  We are happy to have her as a part of our family now!  We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and healthy Hew Year! 

-The Horn Family (adopted Ashley, CBR-E December 2006)

Peggy (formerly Blitz): Although "Blitz" now Peggy  came to us (as our foster Beagle) with a broken left hind leg, it never impeded her running, jumping or playing.  We've had to struggle to keep her quiet from the start because she is an active little girl.

Her first day in our home, she settled in on the living room chair as if she'd been here the whole time.  Our older girl, Trixie (also a Beagle) who is very shy just sat next to her, as if telling her it would all be OK.  Her other raucous big sister Stella showed her how to get into trouble immediately.  Peg learned very quickly, Stella knocked the food off the table and Peggy was right there to help her eat it.  Together they formed the "trouble team."

Since her leg didn't quite heal right after 6 weeks, the cast had to stay on for another 4 weeks.  My husband Bill took her every Friday to Dr. Werner (1 hour drive) to have her cast changed.  By Monday, Peg managed to get it filthy and I struggled along with lots of tape to keep it on till Friday, even resorting to duct tape.  The Thursday before the cast was to be removed, she took it off in the bushes and came trotting out proudly, as if to say "Don't bother I did it myself."  Although we have fostered many dogs over the yeas, having worked at the ASPCA, we knew from say one we couldn't give her back.  Having lost 2 of our beloved dogs last year, Trixie became sad too, and we didn't know how we were to survive without them, then came Stella and Peggy, our lives are enriched and fuller because of it.

Thank you Peggy and Cascade for this gift.

- Hedy & Bill (fostered and ultimately adopted Peggy, CBR-E December 2006)

Desperado (formerly Tyson):  Just a quick note to let you know how Desperado is doing. He is just remarkable. He mastered the stairs in about five days. He is the sweetest little guy and him and Diamond get along so well. We still have a way to go with the bathroom and leash issue, but I am sure that we will get there. Carolyn thank you so much for bringing Desperado into my life. He is such a joy to be around, I can't help but love him.


- Lorraine [adopted Desperado - LEFT, CBR-E January 2007]

Desperado's new brother, Diamond (RIGHT), has a CBR happy ending, too!


Marvin: Marvin's such a wonderful, sweet dog,  He is so loving, lovable and willing to learn and to please.  I do know that what was easy for Buddy, is not for him.  Marvin is held back by his fears, but he overcomes each one slowly, but surely.  When I look at his pictures, he doesn't even look like the same dog.  I find it so sad that his life, and that of the other lab beagles, is considered disposable.


Now I understand why you go through such an extensive application process.  Certainly adopting a lab beagle is not for everyone, maybe not even most people.  It does take time, patience and understanding.  But I'm so happy that we did.  I know that I rescued Marvin, but he has greatly enriched my life.

- Mary and the Long Family [adopted Marvin, CBR-E October 2006]


An update on Marvin: Hi! Marvin is officially a Beagle - he captured a frog and tried to eat him!  He's really improving all around.  He's getting better with his house training - still a little ways to go, but he seems to be getting the hand of it.  He's learning to "play" games with me, and is more and more relaxed in general.  He's just the sweetest little dog!







Jack: He is doing great with us.  He loved my son right from the beginning.  But since he nips (just in playing not for real) my daughter was a little slow to come around, but now my daughter even loves him.  He gets along very well with our Irish Jack Russell (our older dog had to be put to sleep shortly after we got Jack, which we knew was most likely going to happen). And he loves all the teenagers that come and go around here. 


We go on walks to the local Marina and he loves to go.  The 2 dogs look like twins until you look a little closer, and realize he has more of a beagle face then jack russell.   He won't go in the water at all.  Won't even get his feet wet.  My other dog jumps right in, we can't keep her out. 

He let my son pick him up almost immediately.  And then I could, but the rest of the family couldn't because he would turn his head as if to bite you and growl.  Now we all can, if we talk with him as we are picking him up.

The only problems we are having is he still has some trouble with housebreaking during the evening, so I have been leaving a pee-pad out at night and he uses that.  I know if we kept him in his crate and walked him instead of just letting him out in the fenced in yard we could probably fix that, but my other dogs were not in crates so he didn't want to be in his either and kept barking and whining.  My kids thought it was too mean and kept letting him out. And the other thing is he barks at "EVERYTHING".  He has gotten a little better with the barking but it is probably our biggest problem.  But I think that is the Beagle in him because he does have a Beagle bark.  Otherwise he looks like a Jack Russell.

All is well with us, I will attach a few pictures.   I know my kids must have pictures of him in their files.  They are always taking pictures.  - The Zimmerman Family
[adopted Jack, CBR-E January 2007]


Maggie (formerly Oakley): My name is Helen and my family adopted a beagle from your rescue June of 2006.  Her name was Oakley and we changed it to Maggie.  We adopted her from your Beagle rescue on the East Coast. The woman’s name was Pattie from your org; I have lost contact with them due to my hectic life with work, family and Maggie. 

I just wanted to share with you how great this dog is.  I have had two dogs in the past however Maggie surpasses them both.  Maggie is so loving, caring, and shows so much affection to all of us.  At times it makes my cry to see how she has changed from a scared animal, afraid to be around any people, to an animal who runs to you at the door with many kisses and that great tail wagging.  She has such a wonderful personality, at times I could swear by her expressions and eyes to really know what she is thinking.  We absolutely love her!!!!!! And she loves us we can tell by the way she acts and plays with all of us. 

I recommend your rescue all the time. In the beginning I was so nervous because she was a rescue dog.  I thought how is she ever going to come out of her shell.  She must have had some traumatic things happen to her, but with lots of love and patience she became a wonderful addition to our family.

We have found out the trials of owning a beagle though, Maggie has gotten out of the front door two times already.  We are careful when opening the door, however she has gotten through our legs and ran after a squirrel and a rabbit.  I was so terrified I would never get this beautiful animal back.  But after running down the street and pleading with her we got her back both times and now use the garage door or the back door for access to our home. 

I just wanted to share with your organization how much joy she brings to our home.  Thanks a million.

- Helen and the DiPaola Family [adopted Maggie, CBR-E June 2006]



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