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How do you rescue a beagle? 

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We so often hear about the wonderful work that we are doing.  While it is nice to hear, it is even more disheartening when dogs are dying every day and we have to continuously turn them away! We do not have a kennel facility in which to house our Beagles, and every one of us is a volunteer with an unrelated full-time job. Everyone seems to have a reason why they cannot foster, and in the end, that leaves us with very few foster homes, very few places for the dogs to go, and therefore very few dogs we can save!

We need your help.  We need you to look at yourself, and as silly as this sounds, per Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror, "If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make a change."  Simple, but true.  Fostering is incredibly rewarding, and while it may not turn out to be "right" for you, please give it a chance.  You will save a life in the process!

Financial responsibility.  CBR will provide all medical care and a crate for your foster Beagle until he/she is adopted permanently.   You will be responsible for items required for daily care, such as treats, toys, and beds/blankets.  Transportation to/from the veterinarian will be worked out with your Foster Coordinator.

Medical care.  All medical care MUST be pre-approved by Cascade Beagle Rescue.  We provide our Beagles with excellent care and have accounts set up at various vets with discounts for our program, so all appointments must be arranged through CBR.  

Daily care.  Unless otherwise instructed, we encourage at least one daily walk with the Beagle, fresh water daily, food twice daily and lots of love. Some rescue Beagles have special needs in which case a detailed set of instructions will accompany the Beagle. Supervision is key with this breed! Please watch for all escape routes and be mindful of open doors, open gates.  Foster Beagles are NEVER to be left unleashed, unattended, or unsupervised outside.

Problems.  If you are experiencing behavior problems or any other issues of concern, please utilize your Foster Coordinator and our Yahoo Group for Foster Homes! We are here to help you through this process which can be difficult at times.  

Schedules.  If, for any reason, you need to go out of town or away for a weekend, please notify us at least two weeks in advance, or as soon as you know.  Do not let your neighbor, friend, or petsitter care for the dog in your absence.  We can always find a temporary, alternate foster home for the time you will be away, and sometimes this does mean placing the dog in a boarding facility, but that will be arranged by your Foster Coordinator. Please remember that our foster contract is with YOU and you alone.

Ownership of the Beagle.  CBR is the legal owner of all foster Beagles in our rescue program until they are adopted and ownership transferred.  We are entrusting you with this very special Beagle and trust that you will provide a loving and safe atmosphere for it.  

Length of Foster Care. CBR makes no guarantees about the length of time a dog is in foster care.  This can range from 3 weeks to several months, and sometimes longer.  Sometimes fostering can mean just one or two days.  We just never know!  We hope you will foster the dog as long as is necessary for an approved adoptive home to be found.

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