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Cascade Beagle Rescue, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping the Beagle breed!

We are an East Coast based rescue serving New Jersey (state-wide) and Eastern Pennsylvania.  We will not accept just any home for our rescued Beagles…we strive to find the BEST suitable home for each of our Beagles in need.  Our mission is to take unwanted, neglected, abused, stray, homeless Beagles, and Beagles used in laboratory research, and provide them with medical, physical, emotional and behavioral support so that they can be adopted into loving permanent homes. 


Hailey, 3-4 year old female Bo, 5 year old male Duke, 5 year old male
Our other available beagles can be seen here.
So what sex of dog do you want to adopt?  CBR-East gets many applications every week, and we'd say that 99% of those applicants want to adopt a FEMALE beagle.  But WHY, we ask ourselves?  CBR-East tends to have more males in our rescue, and they are amazingly sweet, affectionate, loving, well-behaved (well, they're beagles, so we use this term loosely), and these amazing males are repeatedly looked over simply because they are MALES!  We wanted to just dispel some myths below:

MYTH: All male dogs mark their territory.
MYTH: Male dogs are more independent than female dogs.
MYTH: Male dogs are less affectionate than female dogs.
MYTH: Male dogs mount other dogs all the time.

Click here to see why these are MYTHS, especially for males who are neutered (as all CBR-East males are!)

Fact: Male and female dogs are individuals.  It is more important to look at the dog's temperament and disposition, than to close-mindedly reject a dog based on its sex alone.

When you go through our interview process, we can recommend the dog that truly matches what you are looking for and which, if any, of our dogs would be a good match with you - regardless of whether they are a male or a female. 
CBR-East is desperately seeking foster homes for Beagles coming into our rescue program. If you have a good understanding of the breed, and are able to provide love, care and security, please read about our Foster Program here!














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