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Beagle Health

Cascade Beagle Rescue-East believes in being pro-active in keeping our own companion Beagles healthy.  Many of our rescue Beagles have come from unfortunate situations, so we do our best to make up for that.  When they enter our program, they are provided with immediate veterinary care including a comprehensive exam, vaccinations, spay/neuter, heartworm test, and microchip implantation.  We provide them with all natural foods and treats, and the love, training and socialization they need.  We count on you to continue that and provide you with the following information to help!

Learn about common medical conditions known to occur in the Beagle breed.

A great practical and educational resource (available online!) is the Whole Dog Journal

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  Veterinary care for our beagles can be EXPENSIVE.  We all just try our best to give our dogs the care they need and deserve.  Have you considered pet insurance for your new best friend? Do some research and see it if might be for you!

ASPCA Pet Insurance
PetFirst Health Care
ShelterCare Pet Insurance
VPI Pet Insurance
So, you feel as if you have exhausted all of your financial resources, and your beagle still needs more care...perhaps it is a life or death situation.  Before assuming that euthanasia is your only option, please look into the resources below first!  There are organizations and credit companies that may be able to help you - and your pet.

Brown Dog Foundation
Care Credit
IMOM, Inc.
Rose's Fund for Animals
The Pet Fund















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