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Please email us the story and picture of the happy and successful adoption of your CBR Beagle!

Molly & Ranger welcome Ellie (right) into their home.

Ellie - Adopted 10/??/08!

When we heard the story of the largest puppy mill in the USA closing, we jumped for joy...then we jumped into action to rescue some of the beagles that were housed there.  Working through our B.A.R.C. program, we brought "Essie" to Portland, along with several others. She was born there and used for a breeder dog her entire life, living in a wire rabbit hutch outdoors in the cold/hot.  Essie, now renamed "Ellie" by her adopter, Angela B. of Vancouver, WA, was very stressed.  This girl was so stressed from years of captivity in her cage, that she knawed her teeth to the gums biting the wires. She had a tattoo on her right ear, as many puppy mill breeder dogs do, and to hide her identity, they cut part of her velvet ear off. Even through this abuse, she has room in her heart to love...and what a love she is.  Ellie found her forever home in Vancouver, WA, along with her new beagle siblings, Molly and Ranger!  Hooray for Essie!












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