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New Arrivals

Hunter & Tara

Hunter and Tara

  Peanut butter & jelly, salt and pepper, yin yang, Hunter & Tara.  They just go together!  These two SWEET Beagles are a very bonded pair, so we’ll adopt them together.  They are 9-10 years old, but they still have all their Beagley traits.  They have been in and out of a local shelter several times since […]

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Latest News

Pantry Escapades


Hellooo everyone!  Boomer here!  This morning I was antsy with excitement as I waited for my goodbye treat.  Mom was leaving for work and she always gives me a treat on her way out the door.   I eyed that treat as it suddenly seemed to move toward me in slow motion.  I felt the urge […]

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Desi needs a Tooth Fairy


Desi, such a sweet senior girl of almost 11 years, has been living in pain for a while now.  When we opened her rotten smelling mouth and discovered bone protruding through her gums, we called our friend, Dr. Jean Battig’s office for help.  Jean is the very vet who helped “River” run through it again. […]

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Volunteers – the heart of rescue!


It occurred to me today how integral our volunteers are to the mission of our organization.  Today it was a revelation as I thought of how much is going on in the background at this very moment in time that nobody even knows about!  All of our volunteers are dedicated, fun, wonderful and precious.  There are a few […]

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Case update: Carrie +7

Carrie is a beautiful girl who came into rescue pregnant with many.  She required a C-section due to complications, the size of the puppies, and other factors.  She tolerated the surgery just fine and immediately upon wakening, she went right into mom mode.  She’s been just the most nurturing mother!  She had seven puppies; 5 […]

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