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New Arrivals

Tater – Adoption Pending!


Born in Idaho, this sweet red and white boy needs YOU!  He has been in six different homes in short 7 years of life…no fault of his own.  Divorce, babies arriving, and eating the garden are some of the reasons he was returned to CBR.  Tate is a mellow guy who will play at times […]

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Latest News

Volunteers – the heart of rescue!


It occurred to me today how integral our volunteers are to the mission of our organization.  Today it was a revelation as I thought of how much is going on in the background at this very moment in time that nobody even knows about!  All of our volunteers are dedicated, fun, wonderful and precious.  There are a few […]

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Case update: Carrie +7

Carrie is a beautiful girl who came into rescue pregnant with many.  She required a C-section due to complications, the size of the puppies, and other factors.  She tolerated the surgery just fine and immediately upon wakening, she went right into mom mode.  She’s been just the most nurturing mother!  She had seven puppies; 5 […]

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A tribute to our own beagles


As I was going through some old boxes of things, I happened upon a Christmas card that had a photo of my personal 3 beagles on it.  When I opened it I had forgotten that I wrote a little poem inside.  The thought crossed my mind today how special our own personal beagles are to […]

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She loves me, she loves me not.


Do you believe dogs have the ability to love?  I mean in the true sense of the word…gut wrenching, butterflies, can’t-live-without-you LOVE.   If they do, do you think their hearts break when those who they thought loved them hurt them, abandon them, abuse them, neglect them?  Do you think they cry inside and wonder […]

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