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Charlie- Adopted 12/12/07!

The last of the "dumpster" beagles to be adopted into his loving forever home!  Charlie was found in a dumpster in Ilinois, along with 7 other beagles who were left to die.  Charlie was very frightened and traumatized when he arrived into the loving arms of CBR Fosters.  They loved him, cared for him and taught him that people can be OK.    All of his fears are behind him now as he lives happily with his new dad, Ethan in Portland, OR.  These two guys are buddies forever now.  Congrats to Charlie & Ethan!


B.E.- Adopted 11/07
BE stands for "Beagle Eagle."  She is living the high life with her new family, Lee & Hank, in Tualatin!  This little sweetie was given up by her former owner who found her as a stray.  Although she attempted to find her true owner, nobody came forward, so she was released to CBR.  BE has brought a light into the heart and home of Lee and Hank, who absolutely adore her!  CONGRATULATIONS to BE on finding her forever home!


Buttercup (aka Lizzy Jane)- Adopted 1/26/08
This little doll was one of Samantha Rose's 5 puppies who was saved by CBR B.A.R.C. Agents Becky & Tommy Isenberg in Corpus Christi, TX.  After the incredible journey of Sammi and her puppies from Texas to Oregon when the puppies were only 1 day old, "Buttercup" found her perfect match in Andrew.  He knew that she was the "one" and didn't even need to meet any of the others.  Buttercup was named for the character in The Princess Bride.  She is living the good life now, just as she deserves.  And rumor has it that she has a fondness for shoes, like any respectable girl should....oops, that's Daddy's shoes though :)   CONGRATULATIONS to Andrew B. and his little Buttercup!  Below:  Buttercup checks out her bag of farewell goodies from her foster mom, Jane.

Bhel- Adopted 11/06/07

Pretty little Bhel was one of the "dumpster" beagles that we rescued from Illinois...but she'll never know a dumpster again in her life, that's for sure.  In fact, she'll never want for anything...she pretty much has her dads wrapped around her little paw!  Nick & Lowell stepped up to foster this girl and she wormed her way right on into their hearts.  They couldn't live without her so now she's theirs.  They feel this dog was destined to be theirs from the very beginning.  It's funny how rescue works sometimes.  They wanted to help, but instead they discovered that Bhel filled an empty spot in their hearts left by their beloved beagle, "Shelby", who passed from an illness.  We're sure Shelby is smiling to see such happiness.  CONGRATULATIONS to BHEL, Lowell, Nick and pup-siblings, Bailey, the beagle and Cricket, the chocolate lab!

Gunnar's new family:

Skippy, Gunnar, Smarty & Barney along with Rochelle & Cyd.

Gunnar- Adopted 1/06/08

Gunnar was just a puppy when he ended up in an animal trap with nobody to help him.  He was in the shelter system for a month without treatment before CBR stepped in and took him under our wing.  What a joy this boy has been!  He has had two fosters; Jane and Jann, who both fell in love with him, but it was ultimately Cyd and Rochelle who couldn't live without him!  They stood by his side in rehab and were with him every step of the way after the ultimate amputation of his front leg.  Take a look at Gunnar's special page and Adoption page!

Gunnar's bio

Gunnar's Adoption Page

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