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Please email us the story and picture of the happy and successful adoption of your CBR Beagle!

Dutch- Adopted 3/8/08!

Dutch came to us from a shelter.  He was found by Animal Control Officers racing through traffic in a busy intersection, too frightened to stop moving.  They were able to coerce him to come over to them when they discovered what a sweet dog he was!  Who knows why his owners never called or looked for him.  Their loss!  This is one sweet guy who is great with dogs, kids, just everybody.  He waited and waited for his perfect family to come along and adopt him...and as fate would have it, Jim and Judy S., of Richland, WA saw his picture and bio on our site and fell in love.  They never looked back and on March 8th, Dutch went to his new home.  We will miss him but know he will be forever happy now!

"How do you say AROOO in Canadian???"

Farewell, sweet Milly...keep in touch, eh?

Ema/Milly- Adopted 3/21/08!

Ema came to us as a young girl running the streets in Oregon. We know that a shock collar was used on her regularly, but despite this, she kept her sweet and loving demeanor.  When her new family found her on our site, it was love at first sight....they wanted her, and only her!  So on March 21, 2008, Ema, who has been renamed Milly by her family, made her journey from Portland, OR to Victoria, BC Canada.  CBR Directors Susan O. and Michelle D. drove her from Portland to the tip of Washington, where they met Milly's new mom, Mary as she arrived on the ferry FROM Victoria.  Paperwork was signed, new leash and collar were given to Milly, and off they went..back ON the ferry to her new land.  She already has met and loves her new beagle brother, Milo.
Milly and Milo meet for the first time.

Milly is CBR's 2nd international adoption!

Pictured L-R: Front row-Tuffy,Gracie,Avery
Back row: Tuffy's new family, the Austs grin ear to ear as they welcome their new addition.

Tuffy- Adopted 4/23/08!

A warm bed, a full belly, and lots of loving--that’s all a beagle really needs, isn’t it?  Well, CBR’s Tuffy was found chained to a post in a yard without shelter, food, or water.  He had nothing but snow to "drink" and nobody to love him.  Neighbors took pity on Tuffy and would throw him loaves of bread for food.  This high-carb diet had a detrimental effect on the poor boy’s figure, and finally, the neighbors intervened, called the local animal control, and Tuffy was brought to the local shelter.  CBR was subsequently contacted and Tuffy was brought into our program where he lived at the Roberts’ foster home and learned what it was like to be fed and cared for by wonderful people.  Before Oregon’s Spring Break, the Aust family was looking for another little boy to love since they had recently lost their little rescue beagle boy, Buddy, to cancer.  They thought Tuffy would fit right in to their family and CBR’s adoption coordinator wholeheartedly agreed!  Today, Tuffy has joined his new family (where he is the “boy’ in a family of five females, including two girl beagles, Avery & Gracie).  His days of eating snow for food are gone forever and he will live out his days being well fed, well loved, and…well, allowed to be an indoor beagle and even sleep on the couch sometimes!


Shiloh welcomes his new family into his life!

Shiloh- Adopted 4/24/08!

What a journey this sweet boy has been on.  It started in Illinois in a dumpster where he was left to die with 7 other beagles.  All 8 of these dogs were flown to CBR to safety.  Shiloh's right ear was chopped off by his former owner, to hide his hunting tattoo.  He was a broken spirit...but no more!  He has a brand new family who loves him.


picture coming soon!


Molly- Adopted 4/08!

Molly's story is a sad case of neglect—until she found her way to CBR-West!  Most of her 8-year life she was forced to life in a small crate.  She was only allowed out when it was breeding time...over and over and over again.  When she could produce no more, she was destined to live alone in the back yard where nobody paid any attention to her.  She had no water and was only fed when convenient.  She was seen often just eating the snow as a source of food/water.  She merely had a rug to call home out in the weather.  Neighbors intervened in an effort to save her.  She was transported to CBR’s waiting arms where she was spayed and a massive hernia repaired.  Despite her neglect, Molly is the most adorable, sweetest beagle who will melt your heart.  Russ &Cheri S from Poulsbo, WA, thought so too!  You see, Russ & Cheri adopted “Big” Bailey boy from CBR last June and they were so touched by Molly’s story that they just had to adopt her too!  As Russ wrote to us in one of his emails, “Good Golly, please may we have Miss Molly?”  CBR’s three directors replied, “Good Golly, OF COURSE, you can have Miss Molly!”  …and the rest, as they say, is history and a very happy ending for the poor little beagle girl who used to eat snow and now races and chases Bailey around the yard (oh, and helps him raid the garbage—fabulous!!).



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