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Please email us the story and picture of the happy and successful adoption of your CBR Beagle!


Click here to see Katie's story.

Pictured:  Braveheart (left) and his new big sister, Katie are thrilled  that they have a new home!

Click here to see Braveheart's story

Pictured:  Gail Wilkening (CBR Board Member) of Park Ridge, IL arrived in Portland, OR to formalize the adoption certificates for both Braveheart (R) & Katie (L) on 9/17/06, who were adopted by Rick & Mary G.  of  ID.

Below: Michelle bids Shiloh farewell
Shiloh - Adopted 10/28/07!

The first of the "dumpster" beagles to be adopted into his loving forever home!  Shiloh and new dad, Kelly F., now live in Bly, OR.   Shiloh's former owner chopped part of his ear off to hide his tattoo i.d. before disposing of him in a dumpster.  All of that is behind him now!

Pictured left:  Michelle Dodgson, Adoption Coordinator, Kelly holding Shiloh, and the store manager of PetSmart.
Lt: Kelly admires his new beagle!  Rt: Shiloh very comfortable in his new home.

Sarah - Adopted 10/29/07!

The 2nd 'dumpster' beagle to be adopted, Sarah is right at home with her new family, Galen & Lucille, who live in Rogue River, OR. 

"We had a good drive home. Had some rain. Sarah is doing well. Everyone is happy and she is having fun with her toy for now. Thanks to Beagle Rescue for being there.  Galen, Luci & Sarah"

Copper - Adopted 11/1/07!

CONGRATULATIONS to the Kiersteads of Portland, OR for opening their hearts and home to this wonderful 8 year old girl who was waiting for her perfect family to come for her.  Nov. 1st was that day.  Copper came to us from a shelter where she was dumped off to die.  We took her in and it was immediately evident that something was wrong with her left rear leg.  She had a torn cruciate ligament that needed to be repaired.  When our vets started the surgery, they discovered that her entire ligament was dissapated and they had to create a pulley system using monofiliment line.  Copper recovered very well under the supervision and care of her fosters, Sydney & Kate.  Now she can enjoy being that special girl at her new home!

Jake - Adopted 11/3/07!

A long journey from a dumpster in Illinois to the arms of his new dad, Frank G. of Klamath Falls, OR was well worth the wait.  Jake, along with 7 other beagles were destined to die...homeless, hungry, belonging to nobody.  Frank & Cathy G. saw him on our web site and fell in love with him.  The moment Frank and Jake laid eyes on each other, there was an obvious connection..the type of connection we love to see in rescue cases.  Jake gets to live his days in a nice warm house where he will never want for food, water, companionship and love.  Frank enjoys working with leather and had already made Jake a custom harness when the adoption took place. Congratulations to JAKE and Frank & Cathy G.!!

Lexus - Adopted 12/2/07!

Lexus, along with her brother "Google" and their mother, Smooch, were sitting in a shelter in Georgia waiting to die due to space constraints.  CBR volunteer, Carrie R. was commissioned to save them.  She did, as she always does!  She took their mom, Smooch, and both puppies home until they were healthy enough to fly to Portland.  The puppies were fostered by Joni & Keith, who did an excellent job of socializing them and caring for them.  We think they are beagle-shepard mixes.  Little Lexus was adopted by Mark and Ann of Portland, who will shower her with love the rest of her life! 






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