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Katie's Page


Katie is a little beagle who was found with her litter of six-week old puppies infested with hundreds of ticks and fleas (mom had over 1,000 ticks and each puppy had approximately 500).  All of the puppies and Katie are covered in bruises from being kicked by their former owner.  Katie also has a fractured femur that will need orthopedic surgery.  The puppies were taken by the local humane society and are now being cared for in their foster system, however, they could not take Katie.  They thought she was too far gone and would be too expensive to help, so she was scheduled to be euthanized.  On June 16th, CBR was contacted by a young volunteer at a shelter in Georgia pleading for help.  When we heard of this story, we knew we had to help.  We called this volunteer and explained that it would be extremely difficult to transport a dog with such an extreme fracture all the way from Georgia to Portland, OR.  Within minutes, we were informed that a Delta Airlines flight attendant would arrange for the volunteer to deliver Katie to CBR-West.

We know that it will cost in the neighborhood of $5,000 to help this sweet beagle who was described as "never having a day of love in her life until now."  Katie deserves help, so we are reaching out to you, our supporters, to help get Katie literally back on her feet!  Donations of any amount are helpful!  Watch for updates and pictures throughout her journey and her recovery once she arrives in Portland. 

Thank you!

'To all the people who give so much to help the unwanted and unloved find joy, a warm place to sleep, and a full belly.

In memory of Radar & Rowdy
Mara B. - In loving memory of my Grandfather.  Extra hugs to Katie! Linda S.
Gail R - Thank all of you so much for your care and concern for Katie! Pattie S.
Roger P. Margaret H. - Good luck, Katie.
Regina J. Lucrecia Kim B.
Heidi Ho Beagles For the love of animals.  Love, Crackers the Jack Russel
Debbie A. In memory of Baby Jake O'Reilly, Mr. Shrimpy, Ms. Kitty and "the kitten."
Eileen K. In honor of Nora, Alex and Cooper
Kim A.   Judy W.
With Love to Katie ( a good Mommie and Beagle) from Tootsie a brown Cocker Spaniel who respects and admires Moms everywhere.  Feel better soon Kate! Gregory S. In memory of Tucker and Bodie
In Memory of Little Darling, my first and most loved little girl. Cindy P. In memory of Cuddles
Lynn W. From Nemo, my beloved beagle. With love, Hoover and Holly
Pat C., Bluebonnet Beagle Rescue, "Because they are all special." Love, Connery Beagle In Memory of Rowdy & Maggie
HONEY POT HOUNDS Good luck with your surgeries and get well so. - Roger P. Emelia C. Best wishes to Katie!
In memory of Hutch Good Luck sweetie Ron J. - Katie, its not much, but instead of voting on Bella, today for the B.O.N.E.S calendar contest, Bella wants you to use the money instead.  Wish it could be more.
Lots of hugs & kisses to you, sweetie! - Nikki & Ray, and beagle, Hunter & Ally Marva Lee K. Hope you will make a full recovery and from now on hope your life will be filled with lots of love and kisses and good food!!!! From 2 happy much loved beagles Chloe and Murphy
Debbie M. To Katie: Get Well Soon, Love Abbey. Pebbles donated this on her birthday.
'In honor of a beagle named Rusty Blue & a collie named Seamus who are proud to help Braveheart & Katie.' J. Rickaby Dear Katie,Beautiful little girl, be strong. Such a sweetie. Hellen, UK. and Foxy-Roo and Caleb- beagles
Good Luck, Katie! - Julie C. E. Ferrari Lisa "Wolfie" P.
In memory of Shamus...he lost the use of his legs and it broke my heart. - Kandace M. Sue H. Julie K.
Christine R. 'Love from, Elvis & Anny Franklin-2 little Rat Terriers who care. Hang-in there little girl! - Betsy S.-OKC
In memory of Lucy Kim N. To all the people who give so much to help the unwanted and unloved find joy, a warm place to sleep, and a full belly. - Kathy S.
God Bless Katie and her puppies.  I hope that she will get well and live a long, blessed life. - Millicent H.    


"Any future donations received will go toward the medical care of beagles in need."


July 16: Katie is in foster care and is awaiting a care plan by CBR vets.  She has a severely fractured pelvis, but is able to walk for short distances to relieve herself.  She is very sweet, quiet, tiny and seems to love the Pacific Northwest!  Watch for updates and more pictures. KATIE THANKS all of her supporters!

July 23:  Katie is settled in at her foster home and has made it clear that 'she has arrived'.  Despite her broken little body, her spirit has fire...and she's the first to tell you.  This tiny little thing has seen two of CBR's vets who both concur that she needs more rest before surgery can be considered due to soft tissue inflammation.  A third veterinarian visit is in her near future.  Katie THANKS ALL OF HER SUPPORTERS from coast to coast in the USA, Canada and the UK.  She says "Aroooo y'all"...after all she IS a Southern Belle from Georgia!  Stay tuned for more Katie pictures and updates.

August 3:  Our orthopedic specialist/surgeon agrees with two other vet opinions that Katie will need to wait for surgery.  The dilemma is that her fractures are so entailed that he would have to go in and rebreak every bone in her pelvis and hips to rebuild them "the correct way".  All 3 vets feel that her mobility will be less than it is today if they attempt this surgery at this point in time.  She is walking and her tail is wagging which amazed all of our vets, based on her x-rays. Surgery could not be performed earlier (which would have been optimal) due to other health issues she had that took priority. There is no doubt that she will need intense medical support in the future so thanks to all of you for building Katie's fund so that we can continue to provide the necessary veterinary care to support her needs!  We will continue to post updates on her progress.  We sincerely thank all of you for supporting this sweet little Georgia gal.  She has a long road ahead of her, but she's on the right track now.  Thank you to Carrie Rountree for being Katie's voice...for reaching out to us to try to help this little beagle who was on death row.  Carrie also helped pick off hundreds of ticks from this broken, bruised dog.  A big thanks to Kathy S. in Atlanta, who was instrumental in helping Katie get on the plane out to CBR-West.  KATIE SENDS KISSES and thanks ALL of her supporters.  Without your help, Katie would not be alive today.

"My first time in 'the tank'! I'm cool!"

"That'll be size XS, y'all!"

"Just 3 more minutes!  You can do it, Katie!"

October 10, 2006: Katie is still being fostered until CBR's Rehabilitation Veterinarian, Dr. Bianca Shaw, releases her.  She was adopted, however, on September 17, 2006 which coincides with CBR's Race for the Cure event.  Gail Wilkening flew out to Portland to participate on CBR's race team and while she was in town, she got to officiate 4 adoptions! Two of them were Braveheart & Katie!  Katie has now seen 3 orthopedic surgeons and 2  general practice vets.  All agree that surgery should be postponed as her postop mobility could be less than it is today due to the severity of her fractures.  In the meantime, Katie is a regular visitor at Back on Track Veterinary Rehabilitation Center where she gets massage, range of motion exercises and swims.  Her visits are on the same days as Braveheart's so they are becoming quite the celebs at their 'doggy spa'!  Treats abound as they work hard to regain normal mobility.  The good news is that Katie is in no pain at this point.  She had her spay surgery 10 days ago and has fully recovered.  As soon as both dogs are released from veterinary care in Portland, they will pack up their bags and move to Idaho where they will be loved the rest of their days.  Oh, and we have been advised by Katie's adopters that her new name is:  "Katie Susan Denise".  What an honor to have our names incorporated into hers!   Katie says THANK Y'ALL for your support and outpouring of help!  Without YOU, she would not be alive...and that's a fact!


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