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Please email us the story and picture of the happy and successful adoption of your CBR Beagle!

"This way, sis!  I'll show you everything!"

Happiness is your own leather sofa!!

Princess - Adopted 6/21/08!

This little Princess was destined to die in a shelter in Idaho....until CBR Volunteers Rick & Mary Garland , who lived in Idaho at the time, stepped in and changed her fate forever.  They fostered her for a short time until she could be transported to Portland.  Princess was then fostered by one of our Premier Foster Families for 48 days when we got a call from Greg & Karen G., of Corvallis, OR saying that they wanted to meet her!  A flurry of phone calls ensued and Princess got the message that a family was asking about her.  She pranced a little taller that day as she whispered to the others, "I might have a new forever home...if they like me."  She was assured that once they met her they would realize that she was "the one"....and as fate would have it, she was.  It was love at first sight as Greg dropped to his knees to greet Princess and Karen took her for a little walk.  Princess was even welcomed by resident beagle, and new brother "Little Buddy".  See, Princesss?  We told you they'd fall in love! 

Wow...look at my new yard!! 

What's this?!  A burried bone???


Lady - Adopted 9/12/08!

This little peanut came to us from a compassionate veterinarian from Corvallis. You see, an elderly couple owned little Lady but they had to go into an assisted living situation and could no longer keep her.  Their family turned her over to their vet and asked her to find a good home for her.  We were called and the rest is history.  This tiny girl found her way into the loving hearts and home of The Wolfe's, whose yard is a garden of the gods...made for a beagle!  Lady also has a cocker spaniel sibling now! Lady wrapped her little paws around this family and is living the life now! 


Callie - Adopted 9/27/08!

Callie is a special little 10 mo. girl who was born while in CBR's care.  Her mother, Samantha Rose, was from a Texas shelter, pregnant, and was on the list to be put to sleep.  Sammi is a purebred beagle, but we don't know who the papa was!  Callie was adopted, but due to a change in family situation, was returned to CBR for re-homing.  She lasted only 1 day in our foster home before Justin S. of Klamath Falls, OR decided he just could not live without her!  There was just something about this particular dog that made him want her.  Callie and Justin bonded immediately and she spends a lot of her time curled up right beside him...when they're not playing or romping together!  A match made in heaven for sure.



Tajma - Adopted 10/31/08!

This adorable girl came to CBR with a very sad story.  She was found lying next to her deceased elderly owner.  With no one to care for her, she was taken to an Oregon shelter..and ultimately we were called in to help.  Tajma has been a model citizen at her foster family's home, but she was longing for someone to come forward to take her home and love her.  That day came on Halloween when she was adopted by Michelle E., of Seattle, WA, who had been looking for a beagle to add to her family.  Michelle's friend forwarded her the link to CBR and the rest is history.  Peyton, the resident beagle now has a new sister and Tajma is finally home! 



Julius - Adopted 10/??/08!

This adorablSweet little Julius Ceasar was dumped at a shelter in Wisconsin by his owners.  They brought him there to be euthanized for being a normal puppy....getting into things, chewing, you know the drill!  CBR was called to help and we did.  He was brought to Portland through our B.A.R.C. Program and now he is in his forever home.  We have found him to be a very sweet, gentle puppy who is just happy to be alive!  Congratulations to Samantha S. & Andrew M. of Lake Oswego, OR for adopting little Julius!  And resident beagle, Frank, for sharing his home too!



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