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Buster Dodgson

1993 - 2010


To My Buster Boy,

I miss your sweet, gentle soul. 

You were my very first rescue beagle.  Once chained to the front yard of a home in Molalla because you “weren’t no huntin’ dawg,” you broke free from those chains 10 years ago and wandered the streets until were found by friends of mine who brought you to live with me in your forever home. 

Most days, you were my wonderful couch potato beagle, loving nothing more than staying curled up under your blanket on the sofa.  Other times, you were my brave chaser of cats whom you deemed didn’t belong in your yard. 

You were the great “Tunnelmaster,” and you even helped write the “Dear Buster” column in CBR’s newsletter, offering your sage advice to other rescue beagles. 

I will never forget you, the way you stared adoringly at me, kissed away any concerns, and comforted me when I was sad. 

You are now chasing butterflies at the Rainbow Bridge, and a part of me will always be there with you watching and laughing at your silly antics. 

Fly with the angels, my dear Old Man.  You have forever left your pawprints on my heart.


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