How You Can Help CBR!


There are many ways that you can assist Cascade Beagle Rescue in its mission to rescue Beagles.  Please consider the following, as some ways are as easy as shopping online, and others might take a bit more effort.  No matter what, we appreciate any and all efforts to assist us, and of course, the Beagles will directly benefit from this!


Foster for us!  Foster homes will be the key to our success.  We cannot rescue Beagles from shelters or laboratories if they have no where to stay temporarily.  Fostering is one of the most rewarding acts you can do.  You provide a safe, loving home for a Beagle who, often times, has never had one.   Each day you experience the joy of helping an animal learn to trust, heal, and love.  Give it a try.  We'll help you! 


Volunteer with us!!  Get involved by providing administrative assistance, making telephone calls, transporting Beagles, attending events, fundraising, etc.  We can always use an extra pair of hands!


SHOP! Shop at online stores where you'd usually shop, but help CBR in the process!  Bookmark the links and when you want to shop, just click through our site and CBR will earn a percentage of the sale. Please show your support by considering some CBR gear as well!


DONATE! CBR is always in need of donations!  If you have equipment (crates, leashes, collars, etc.) that you are no longer using, we could certainly use it!  Please send us an email!  Of course, a monetary donation will go directly to veterinary care, and to purchase crates, leashes, collars, food, advertisements, etc. for our Beagles.  Please consider making a monetary donation to help us in these efforts by using one of the Paypal buttons below, or by mailing your donation to:


Cascade Beagle Rescue

4370 NE Halsey St.

Portland, OR 97213

Bronze $10.00 Just $10.00 will supply a dog with his/her rabies shot for a full year, or a food bowl and matching collar & leash!

(One-time donation)

Recurring $10 monthly automatic donation subscription:

Silver $25.00

A silver level donation can provide an overnight stay at a boarding facility for a dog “in waiting” or a 20 lb bag of  dog food.

(One-time donation)

Recurring $25 monthly automatic donation subscription:

Gold $50.00

A gold level donation could cover the “pull” fee for a shelter dog! It also could buy a crate for a foster pooch to keep him safe & cozy!

(One-time donation)

Recurring $50 monthly automatic donation subscription:

Platinum $100.00

A platinum level donation can provide several days of boarding or can bring a Beagle up-to-date on its vaccinations!

Recurring $100 monthly automatic donation subscription:

Diamond $150.00

A diamond level donation will allow us to pull a Beagle from a shelter, and have him/her neutered/spayed!

(One-time donation)

Recurring $150 monthly automatic deduction 


Your choice

We appreciate any and all donations.  Please choose an amount with which you are comfortable.

Please email us if you would like to make a recurring monthly (or quarterly) automatic donation via Paypal, and we will set it up for you!






Cascade Beagle Rescue is now participating in the Cash for Critters recycling program! This is a wonderful opportunity to help us raise funds for homeless Beagles that everyone can participate in and it requires NO financial investment on your part!  We are collecting empty ink jet cartridges, laser printer cartridges and cell phones to help fund our efforts on behalf of homeless animals. The Cash for Critters recycling program pays CBR cash (not points) for the items we collect - up to $4 for inkjet cartridges ($2 for most), $1-12 for laser cartridges based on styles, and we will receive $3 for each digital cell phone donated - working or not!

All you have to do is collect the cartridges on the approved list, print a prepaid postage label and mail your cartridges off.  Be SURE to indicate that you want your donation credited to Cascade Beagle Rescue!  All of the info you need can be found by clicking the logo below:

On their user friendly site you’ll find:

            A listing of acceptable laser jet and inkjet cartridges

            A listing of acceptable cell phones (working or not!)

            Details on how to arrange a group fundraiser for school children

            A FREE prepaid postage label to affix to your shipment

       Promotional flyers to post at schools, libraries, etc.

How much money we make depends on how many items we collect and this is a WONDERFUL way to get your kids involved too!  Click here for the dates/locations of upcoming places we’ll be – you can always bring your phones and cartridges to us!  We’d love to meet you.

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