Foster a Rescue Beagle

We are desperately seeking foster homes for Beagles coming into our rescue program. If you have a good understanding of the breed, a home with a securely fenced yard, and are able to provide love, care and security whether for a short or long term, please contact us!.

Volunteering to foster a rescue Beagle is one of the greatest gifts you can offer!  We appreciate your willingness to help and will work with you to make it as easy as possible.  Please use this as your guide to caring for the Beagle.

Financial responsibility.  CBR will provide all medical care for your foster Beagle until he/she is adopted permanently.   You will be responsible for items required for daily care, such as food, chewies, toys, beds/blankets, transportation to/from vets.  

Medical care.  All medical care MUST be pre-approved by Cascade Beagle Rescue.  We have accounts set up at various vets with discounts for our program, so all appointments must be arranged through our office.  If an emergency arises, do not hesitate to take the Beagle to the nearest facility for treatment, however, at your earliest convenience, notify Denise or any rescue volunteer via telephone.

Daily care.  Unless otherwise instructed, we encourage at least one daily walk with the Beagle, fresh water daily, food twice daily and lots of love. Some rescue Beagles have special needs in which case a detailed set of instructions will accompany the Beagle. Supervision is key with this breed! Please watch for all escape routes and be mindful of open doors, open gates. 

Problems.  If you are experiencing behavior problems or any other issues of concern, do not hesitate to call us!  We are here to help you through this process which can be difficult at times.   Because you volunteered to foster, does not mean that it’s a good fit.  This happens sometimes.  Let us know and we will find an alternate foster if necessary.

Adoptions.  Our office will be actively reviewing adoption applications during the time you are fostering.   We screen extensively so some cases take longer than others.  In the event you are interested in adopting your foster Beagle, please notify us right away so we can discuss it.  Adoption fees still apply.  If people you encounter are interested in adopting your foster Beagle, please refer them to our office for the proper procedure.  They may call 503.299.4084.

Schedules.  If, for any reason, you need to go out of town or away for a weekend, please notify us. Do not let your neighbor or friend care for the dog until approved through our office.  They may not know how to care for a Beagle which could result in problems for us and the dog.

Contacts.  Email is the easiest way to reach us, but call if needed!

Email: [email protected]
Rescue Hotline (24-hr voice mail): 503.299.4084   Fax:1.866.202.4223
Address: 4370 NE Halsey St., Portland, OR 97213

Ownership of the Beagle.  CBR is the legal owner of all foster Beagles in our rescue program until they are adopted and ownership transferred.  We are entrusting you with this very special Beagle and trust that you will provide a loving and safe atmosphere for it.  

Forms: Please complete our online application!


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