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~March 19, 2008~


A Tribute to Zeb
It has been a tough 3 days for us, the loss of our
"little dog" and the sight of my wife's whole
world turned upside down is tough.

Joni had Zeb since he was 10 weeks old. I came
into his life when he was 2. In the beginning he didn't like to share his mom but he got used to me and
I grew to love him.  When Joni moved in with me
I built a fence for him and took him fishing with
us many times in the old wood drift boat . When I was racing motorcycles he traveled the off-road
circuit with us.  He made a name for me as
"the guy with a female and a beagle dog for a pit crew".  He arooed at wild turkeys in Medford,
went to the Blue Mountains with us when I buried my grandfather.  We walked on the beach in
Lincoln City together and we fished for salmon on the Olympic Peninsula.

When it came time to make this decision, I told Joni that Zeb had 10 beautiful years with her; she told me Zeb gave her 10 beautiful years with him.   Zeb had a great life. 

He  traveled and was loved dearly and he was never abused or hungry.  I wish all dogs had the opportunity to experience life like he did.

So do me a favor, grab your pets and your loved ones and tell them you love them and hug them, and cherish every minute with them because you will never be prepared to say goodbye to them...

I also wanted to say thank you for all the pictures I was sent for the beer bottle labels, after some hard thinking and recent events Zeb will carry on the legacy of the brewery and our logo. Mark my words we will have a brewery called "Bent Tail Brewing" some day .


Special note: Joni & Keith are two of CBR-West's very first volunteers and have fostered countless beagles, showing them compassion and teaching them it's OK to trust again.  Zeb was a great foster brother to each of them.  What a special boy he was...and now he will be an ambassador to greet all rescue beagles.  Run free, sweet know you were spoke that loudly through your eyes and soul.  We love you, Joni & Keith...our hearts are with you.

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My little dog I miss you every day.
Thank you for your love and every 
day we had on earth.
You are forever in my heart
and always in my thoughts.
I will see you again when I'm done here.
All my love is with 
you, Mom.


Fresita almost left me two weeks ago tomorrow so some of the feelings you are going through are very fresh to me. I hope you soon will be filled with only the wonderful memories of Zeb and the pain of your loss will slowly subside. It's very hard. We understand.
Bob and Fresita

Zeb was your sugar boy and I know you miss him terribly.  You are in our thoughts and hearts in the difficult time.  We know there are no words to comfort you right now...just know we care and understand.
Denise & Susan


Zeb, our Barney will meet you at the gate.  You will love him.  Love, Mary Garland.


Godspeed Zeb.  My heart is aching for you, Joni & Keith.  Love, Gail


"When tomorrow starts without me,
Don't think we're far apart
For every time
you think of me
I'm right there, in your heart."

~Joyce, Mr. Max, Bubba, Rufus, and Blu Boy Adams



"Amazing Gracie"
1997 - 2008

Gacie came into GRRMF in 2002, 40 pounds overweight, shaven, skittish, and trusting of no one.  She was my first foster and ultimately my first foster failure.  She was not an easy dog to have around, but I knew that somewhere in her bull-in-a-china-closet demeanor was a golden retriever spirit aching to get out.

Visits to specialists revealed she had suffered neurological damage to her extremities.  In addition, she was losing her sight.  And thankfully she recovered from a stroke that struck unexpectedly in 2004.

After my other goldens, Maggie and Trooper, passed within weeks of one another in 2005, she was inconsolable.  Three weeks later, Opie came to us and I watched my girl take on the role of mother hen to a dog who was terrified by the world.  As he healed, so did she.  She taught him to trust.  He taught her it was OK to let loose by teaching her to play, something she had never done before.  Her gentle spirit was finally blossoming.  Though she was, at that point, totally blind, she nevertheless allowed my senior cat to clean her face and groom her.  Six years ago, that would not have been possible.

When Gracie stopped eating in late January, I knew something was terribly wrong.  Tests revealed that a rare form of cancer had invaded her body -- and within a week of her diagnosis, she let me know she was ready to join her sister and brothers at the Rainbow Bridge.

Thank you Gracie for being my teacher.  You taught me not to judge a book by its cover.  You taught me not to always go on first impressions.  You taught me that love and patience can work miracles.  You were and always will be my miracle girl.

Godspeed my Amazing Gracie.  Until we meet again......

We love you,

Pam, Carson, & Freeman Strickland

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Godspeed sweet Gracie, what an amazing girl you were!  Fly with the angels.....
The Garland Family
Rick, Mary, & crew





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