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PLAY BY PLAY of the Beagles' journey:


11:00am, 9/26 (St. Louis time) Beagles on their way to airport for check in.

2:15pm, 9/26: (PDX time)  BEAGLES ARE IN FLIGHT from St. Louis to Chicago, AA889!!
2:16pm, 9/26:  (PDX time) Gail Wilkening heading to O'Hare to facilitate aircraft transfer of all kennels to AA856.
2:54pm, 9/26 (PDX time) The beagles have landed!!  (at O'Hare).  Now they wait until 6:35 (Chicago time) to depart for PDX on AA857.
7:01pm, 9/26 (Chicago time), the beagles are back in the air headed to PDX!  Gail made sure they were ON the plane before she left the airport.  Little do they know they will be greeted by CBR volunteers to take them gently into their arms..and then their homes until they are adopted.

9:15PM, 9/26, THE BEAGLES HAVE LANDED!!!  All 8 are in wonderful condition, tails wagging.  There is a lot to do, so will post more tomorrow! 



CBR West's VP, Susan O'Brien, received a call from a desperate shelter worker in Hamilton, Il.  She had exhausted all other avenues to help the 8 beagles she found in a dumpster near the high-kill shelter where she works.  It is because of many collaborative hands stretching from Illinois to Portland, Oregon that these 8 sweet dogs will arrive on Wednesday, September 26, 2007 at 8:55PM at American Airlines baggage claim #5. 

"It was almost a miracle that everything came together in just a few hours," according to O'Brien.  There were no flight kennels available, all of the beagles needed to have health certificates and vaccinations, and there had to be room on a plane for them. Not only that, but they were located hours from any airport. 

These were no obstacles for O'Brien, who has been involved in rescue work for several years.  She started making calls and within hours she had 7 kennels donated from a St. Louis PetSmart store (thank you Tyler!), a volunteer to take all 8 beagles to a local veterinarian (thank you Dr. Brigit Hollis of Hancock Vet Clinic!), someone to donate the cost of boarding for one night (thank you Cindy!) and Michelle Budde of Kennelwood Boarding Facility to transport and check in all 8 at the St. Louis airport to begin their long journey to Portland. Thank you American Airlines for all your help in getting these 8 "precious cargo" parcels on board!!

That wasn't enough...O'Brien had to make sure that there were no problems with the connecting flight in Chicago so she called on the help of Gail Wilkening, who is on the board of directors of CBR and who also lives just 6 miles from the airport to be on site to ensure all of the precious souls will be on the right flight. 

A very, very special thanks to Anissa, who was relentless to help 8 nameless, homeless beagles and to Susan O. who made it happen.

Thank you to all CBR volunteers who were at the airport to greet the beagles and help getting them processed into our system.  THANK YOU TO ALL FOSTERS who stepped up to help these dogs!! 


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