Effective 10/10/08, we are NOT taking in surrendered dogs until further notice.  We are currently pulling at-risk beagles from shelters.  At-risk means they are scheduled for euthanasia.  Thank you for your understanding. Please read our information at the "Alternatives to Rescue" link in the left margin.  Thank you.


The Admission Process -

It is our hope that you will keep your pet as we consider pet ownership a lifelong commitment. However, we understand that there are circumstances that arise which make it necessary to remove your pet from your home. Currently, Cascade Beagle Rescue, Inc. is considered a “referral only” program. That means that we do not physically take possession of your dog until we have searched for an approved permanent home for it. Many times there are wonderful applicants waiting for a Beagle to become available so the wait would be minimal. However, please bear in mind that this process can take some time. All placements will follow this process:

  • Fill out the Placement Forms. They can be found on the CBR Forms page. If you are unable to use the forms on the site for any reason, please call our rescue hotline at 503-299-4084 and leave your name and address. We will mail a packet to you. Required forms:

    Placement Information (Web or Word version)
    Release Form (Web or Word version)
  • After completing & signing the forms, please mail to:

    Cascade Beagle rescue, Inc.
    P.O. Box 68630
    Portland, OR  97268

    This will speed up the adoption process.

    IMPORTANT: You MUST submit proof of vaccinations and Statement of Health along with the Adoption Intake form in order for CWBR to assist in placing your Beagle!
  • After reviewing your completed forms, a member of our Beagle Rescue team will call for a telephone interview and to arrange a visit to your home to meet you and your dog. If you do not have a recent photo, we will take a photo to aid in placement.
  • Our Beagle Rescue team will immediately begin a search to find your dog a new home. When we believe we have found a good match for your dog, we will contact you to arrange for the potential adoptive family to meet your dog.
  • When a suitable match is found… your dog will be place in its new loving, permanent home!