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including physical therapy and leg amputation!

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January 6, 2008: Stitches/staples are out and a final visit with Dr. Shaw for advice on stretches that will help Gunnar with balance and muscle tone.  Pictures below:

Later this same day was Gunnar's adoption.  Michelle, Denise and Jane from CBR were invited to Gunnar's new home to make it official.  Little did we know that there was a huge party planned for this special day!  The dining table was filled with delicious goodies, human and canine!  Two cakes adorned the table; one for Gunnar & his siblings and the other for the human guests.  Everything was beautifully decorated in black & white dog paws.  All the pups had bandanas for the special occasion.  It was a very heartwarming event and the love for this dog from his new family just gushed through every room.  THIS is what rescue is about!  Please enjoy the pictures of Gunnar's adoption HERE.

Hey, I've never tried blueberries.

Opening gifts...YAY!

Gunner surveys the table while "Smarty" wonders if if something will fall his way!

Mine, all mine!  My mommy said so!

Ours all ours...CBR said so!

Gunnar proofs the adoption paperwork.


Look at my new adoption coat!

Skipper, Gunnar, Smarty & Barney, being held by Rochelle & Cyd.








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