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Cascade Beagle Rescue

4370 NE Halsey Street

Portland, OR 97213

Phone: 503.299.4084

Toll Free Fax:     1.866.202.4223

Email: [email protected]


Cascade Beagle Rescue is an ALL VOLUNTEER nonprofit organization.  Without your assistance, CBR-East cannot exist.  We want your volunteer experience (no matter how large or small), to be a positive one, and one geared towards your strengths and interests.  Please help us by completing this application honestly and to the best of your ability.  Every contribution matters in the lives of the beagles we are trying to save.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST!

Volunteer Application

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Personal Information

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Current Involvement

I am an approved CBR Foster Home, with a Foster Form on file

I have attended a CBR General Meeting(s).

I currently subscribe to CBRs newsletter, The Beagle Bugler.

I currently, or have in the past, volunteered with other rescues.

If checked, please list the names of the organizations, and describe your involvement:


I would like to be a regular volunteer for CBR.

I would like to be an occasional volunteer for CBR.

My availability is (describe):

Volunteer Duties: General

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Assist with CBR Booths at events Contact Media (Print, TV, radio)
Public speaking/presentations Write press releases and/or articles
Other Assist in publicity efforts



Make phone calls Assist in fundraising events
Provide clerical help Solicit auction donation items
Assist with mailings Contact funding sources
Assist with annual Bark in the Park Write grants (experience required)
Deliver food and/or supplies    
Set-up/clean-up at meetings    
Coordinate efforts (t-shirt printing, auction, etc)    

Provide computer skills    

Volunteer Duties: Dog-specific

(please check all that apply)


Please note that volunteers for dog-specific duties are required to have experience with dogs.

Please indicate below:

Own dogs  
  If checked, please indicate for how many years:
  Indicate breed:

  If checked, please indicate for how many years:
  Indicate breed:
Therapy Dogs  
Search and Rescue  
Obedience Training  
  Other (please explain):  


I would like to foster beagles.

Please send me more information.






Dog Transport

This involves picking up and/or delivering rescue dogs, usually to a foster home or to an event adoption booth.  You may also be asked to transport dog food, supplies or CBR literature in the same trip.


Grooming rescue dogs can increase their adoptability


I am able to transport dogs Bathe
  Car make/model: Brush

I have crates to use for transport Clip Hair
Crate size/type: Trim nails
  Furthest distance from home you are willing to travel: All of the above
    Do you own your own equipment?
  General availablility for transport:

  Yes No
  If other, describe:   What is your experience?

Shelter Visitation

This involves visiting a shelter and reporting to CBR which beagles are available.  Please note that routine checks would be performed on a weekly basis while substitute checks would be performed on an as needed/when called basis.


Frequency: Can you recognize AKC Breeds? Yes No
Dates/Times that are best for you: If yes, please describe which breeds you can identify:

Please list the shelters you could visit:  


Specific Skills and Talents

(please check all that apply)

Please highlight the particular skills, talents or experience that you feel best pertain to the volunteer duties we have described, or other areas in which you could offer your expertise:
Art (graphic design, document design/layout, physical booth appearance, etc)
Photography (of dogs, people and events)
Writing (articles, interviews, press releases, announcements)

Computer related (programming, databases, web site design, data entry, e-mail subscription management)

Public Interface (education, publicity, presentations)
Where did you hear about CBR-E?

Internet Search/Web

Word of Mouth/Friend
Sign or Poster
Newspaper Article


Which one?


Which one?

  Other (please explain)




hereby agree to abide by the following policies during

(print name)

the time I am volunteering for Cascade Beagle Rescue (CBR):



I understand that it is my decision to volunteer for CBR. I will not hold CBR liability for any damage, injury or harm caused directly or indirectly through my volunteer activities with CBR.



I will remember in all my dealings with the public as a volunteer, that I represent CBR, and that the public will consider that my words and actions regarding rescue to be representative of the attitudes and positions of CBR as an organization. I understand that as an individual, I cannot enter into any agreements for the organization; any such activity will be referred to the Board of Directors.



I have read and understand the CBR mission, and will not undertake any actions that could be considered inconstant with the mission.  If I engage in activities of a political or controversial nature, they will be done as an individuals, separate room any associations with CBR.



I accept full responsibility for expenses incurred by me as a volunteer for CBR, although I may be reimbursed by CBR provided that I have prior approval from an offer or the Board of Directors, as well as the necessary documentation in the form of receipts.  I will always remember that I represent a nonprofit organization and in no way can profit from any activity related to the organization.



I understand that CBR cannot guarantee or be hold responsible for the temperament, healthy or behavior of rescue dogs that I may handle, and I am aware that dogs may cause property or personal damage.  I will keep dogs securely contained while in my care.




I understand and agree to all of the above, and support the mission of CBR.  I understand that this form must be received, approved, and acknowledged by CBR before I may do any volunteer work for the organization.




Mission Statement:  To place beagles in need into loving permanent homes and to provide educational resources to help prevent future displaced beagles.


Our program is funded by private donations.  Your support is appreciated!



Please email us with your comments, questions or suggestions.