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Pantry Escapades

BoomerChroniclesHellooo everyone!  Boomer here!  This morning I was antsy with excitement as I waited for my goodbye treat.  Mom was leaving for work and she always gives me a treat on her way out the door.   I eyed that treat as it suddenly seemed to move toward me in slow motion.  I felt the urge to jump up and help it land it my mouth – – there!  Chomp, chomp.  “Bye mom!”   I put on my sad face as she opened the front door to leave.  Sometimes that works to finagle another guilt-treat out of her!  Hmmpff.  Not today! I listened for the car to pull away, then began my journey.  Today was the day I decided I would go on an adventure to find out what is hidden throughout this wonderful home we live in!  I was originally living in squalor and wondered where my next meal would come from.  But not anymore!  Now I have beds that are called “dog beds”  – – but my fav bed is the “human bed.”  I don’t mind sharing it with mom. I raced through the house to plan my great adventure.  Upstairs, downstairs, all around we go.  Jackpot!  The pantry door was left ajar this morning from when mom made her breakfast.  Wow.  A critical error on her part!  Humans – – sometimes they just don’t learn, do they?   This room is full of treasures, glory, light, and the meaning of life.  It’s as if the heavens opened up and shone a bright laser light directly at this room – – just for me!  I could live in here and be happy.   What’s this on the bottom shelf?  A bag filled with a white powdery substance.  Hmm.  I better drag it over to my bed to investigate.  Uh oh…sneeze, sneeze.  This stuff kind of tastes good, but it sure is a mess!  I’ll take it out to the back yard and leave it there, then mom may not notice.   It’s leaving white footprints everywhere!  I’ll say Spike, my beagle brother, did it. What’s this box here on the shelf, I wonder?  Yank, yank, pull, pull.  It’s inching closer to the edge now.  Work it til’ it drops…that’s my theme song in life.   There, got it!  Shred – – rip, tear.  This box is full of shirts – – lots of them.   They say something.  Let’s see… “We Speak Beagle.”  I’m not sure what that means, but I can tell you they do NOT taste good!   One by one I dragged these shirts over to my bed.  Ahhhh.  These things are comfy – – that must be what they are for!  Mom got me cushions for my bed!  I think we need some of these in the human bed too.  There…a few here and there and everywhere.   These are like little sleeping bags if I work it just right.  Wiggling in now.  Oh, there are holes in this thing – – for my legs?  A little bit big for a beagle, but these are like my own personal jammies!  AROOOO!  I have everything now!    You, too, could have own of these!  I Speak Beagle – – You Speak Beagle  – – -We Speak Beagle! Help us speak up for a beagle in need , and help get Boomer out of the dog house!  Literally. (To purchase one of these infamous shirts, CLICK HERE.   Don’t worry, yours won’t have a hole in it or be covered in dog hair.) AROOO (see, that’s me speaking beagle), Boomer

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