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Wally Comshaw

Wally was named before he was even seen and chosen from his litter. I sat on the veranda of our century old home in Randolph Vermont awaiting him. I knew he was coming because as soon as my husband turned onto our street, I heard that sweet ARR-OOH announcing his arrival. Wally loved life, especially the snow. Tom would make paths throughout our backyard with the snow blower so the dogs could run and play. Again, I heard the ARR-OOH, but could only see just the tip of Wally's tail as he darted to and fro. In the summer, Wally would jump on the picnic table, lie down and stretch his back legs out and sleep. He would make believe our three English Springer Spaniels (all from rescue), and Golden Retriever were rabbits and chase them around the fence line. With his head thrown back, he ran full out ARR-OOHing all the way.
     Then, on Saturday, May 15, 2010, I heard the sweet, beautiful ARR-OOH just before he suffered his fatal stroke. As our vet used her gentle hand, I held my Wally as he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Seventeen years of joy and love are etched in my heart and memory.
     Each morning, I say good morning to Wally, look at his picture and then kiss the beautiful little box sitting on my dresser.  In due time, we will be buried together."
With tears in my eyes,
I miss you Wally,
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This is a picture of my Wally taken our first summer in South Carolina in 2007.  He is with our brother and sister Springer Spaniels that were adopted via English Springer Spaniel Rescue of Long Island in 2000 when they were 10 months old.

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