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Josie Wilkening

Josie Wilkening
December 13, 2010


A little girl sitting in a shelter waiting to die...until the day her life changed forever.  Gail adopted her and that's the day her little life began.  She knew love, warmth, kindness, and got to know what "special" felt like.  This is the essense of rescue.  Thank you, Gail, for rescuing this sweet girl.  Josie was loved so very, very much and is missed.  Run with the angels, Josie!  Peace is now yours.

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We lost one of our rescued beags earlier this year too, so I know how she must be feeling right now.  Josie was the reason Gail got into rescue and if it weren't for Gail, I wouldn't have gotten into beagles, let alone be fostering and have two rescued beags of my own.

~Natalie Mazzuca

Becky Isenberg


Maggie Kinal


Mary Martino



Josie, you had the best mom a beagle could ever hope for.  We are counting on you now to keep an eye on everyone at the bridge until they are reunited with the humans they loved.
~Dottie O'Connor
It is so bad to lose our beloved beagle.  I lost both BBBailey and Lady Leah in the past 2 years and it feels like part of my heart is with them.  but I know we will be with them again, and think of all the fun they can have in the meantime!!! I am sending you many comforting hugs!!!   ~Susan H.
Denise Sproul, Giani, Cher & Pippin So sorry for your loss, Gail
~Caron Sarver
OMG...I'm in tears :{{{ Sooooooo beautiful.
~Darlene Sepp Ad

OMG, how can a picture touch your heart and break it at the same time?
~Sue Sandler Feldman


What a beautiful photo - looking at it through tears. Sorry for your loss.
~Pat Butcher

My hearts breaks for you Gail, I just donated in Josie's Memory.
~Vickie Sommers


R.I.P. Josie
{{{hugs}}} to you, Gail. I am sorry for your loss!
~Karla Rezendes

Run, play, sit in Randy's lap. You have met the gang waiting at the bridge and you will never be alone. Your Mom was my first friend in our Beaglemom group and she loved you so much. She rescued you from hell and you lived in the best forever home and until it was time to go. We will take care of your Mom Josie. Lucy has so much to tell you and Ben , Zoe (some of the PIC gang) are ready to roll with you! Give Randy a beagle kiss...we miss him too! Gentle kisses and sweet, Auntie Jackie 
Gail, I am so sorry. This is heartbreaking. My hugs are with you. It's so hard losing a pet. Run free pretty Josie.
~Penny Brannon
I had a candle put on the memory tree at the humane society for Josie. She is beside Peppie, I hope they don't get in trouble, they were a pair at Arrooo Academy. I like to reread some of the episodes that happened at the academy.
~Nancy Jenkins

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