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Dolores Freschette
“Mom” to Michelle Dodgson &
“Grandma Dee” to Alex and Amber Dodgson


"There is a point where you aren't as much mom and daughter as you are adults and friends.  It doesn't happen for everyone -- but it did for Mom and me."  -- Jamie Lee Curtis

Truer words were never spoken.  The relationship between my mom and me grew and changed over time—from mother and daughter to woman and friend.  We talked every day, even before she moved into my home to live out her final years.  They may not have been long conversations, but they were rich with caring and curiosity about one another’s activities.  I was blessed to have had my mom in my life for almost 50 years, although in reality, it will never be a long enough time.  I will miss her every day, but am thankful for the cherished memories I will always have in my heart and mind—the same heart and mind she nourished and helped to grow into the woman I am now.  A woman with flaws, but hopefully also one with love, humor, strength, and compassion for all things living.  These traits are intrinsically tied to my mom and they have now become a part of me. 

 “Thanks Mom; I owe you a lot and I am so proud to have been your daughter.  Fly with angels and run with the beagles at the Rainbow Bridge.  When you become tired, you can always tell the beagles to ‘go lie down,’ and they will do as they are told.   I am glad you are finally at peace.”

Sending angel kisses, 
Your grateful daughter, Michelle

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