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Yvonne Ristich
~October 26, 2007~

"The world has lost a wonderful, warm, sophisticated and generous lady. 
Beagle rescue has lost a great friend.
Thank you for bringing me to the world of Beagle Fests
and mostly for being my friend. "
Lee Behrens  

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on Monday, November 12 at 7PM, Eastern Standard Time.

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TwainHeart's La Dolce Diva, NAJ,OA,TD,CGC
November 27, 1999 - December 7, 2007

I lost you, my special girl, today...
and my heart is broken.  You were so brave during your year-long fought hard for ME, I know it.  Now rest peacefully, darling Diva.
Diva, my sweet girl, please know I love you, cherish you, and your spirit will never leave me.  Be free, my little as much as you want as often as you want. 
I love you more than words can express.  Watch for my candles, little is me celebrating you.
Love, Kissy Mom

12/7/12: Still missing you and thinking of you 5 years later...forever!

12/7/10: It's been 3 whole years and my heart is still yours. Christmastime was always such a joy with you but I picture you romping around in heaven with all of the other beagles, living and loving it there. I will see you again one day, my little one! I promise.

12/7/09:  My little Diva-roo...I still miss you and love you.  You will never be forgotten....never.  You were The Little General and there will never be another like you.
12/7/08: Remembering my little Diva one year later.  I miss you still, but know you are happy and well.  I love you!

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Dearest Diva Rooo,
You fought till the bitter end.  Now go and play with Muffin, Papa and Jack.  You are in good hands (and paws).  Always remember your mommy's did everything they possibly could for you.  Go on.  Cross that bridge and have a ball!!!  Be sure and look for Kari.  I let her know you were coming.
Hugs and butterfly kisses,
Phil, Wendy and Mesa

Robert Wagner & Fresita

I am so sorry to hear about your loss  What a beautiful beagle she was. Our thoughts are with you.  Missy, Russ & the Vermont Beagles

Darlene Clancy

"Diva, I know you are at the Bridge with Lucy, Maggie and Penny and so many other dear furchildren of ours.  Always know you are loved, and will always be missed. Godspeed good girl.  Lucy will show you around and help you find the roastbeef bushes and the streams of gravy. Keep watch on your Moms and send them a sign."
Love, Auntie Gail

In memory of Diva.  A little sprite who kept us entertained with stories about her adventures.  There are so many of us that remember the day you entered your Mom's life and now we will remember the day our hearts broke when we heard that you had gone to the Bridge.
Love, Becky Isenberg



Sweet Diva,
You will be in my heart forver.
Vicki Sommers

Lowell Sochia & Nik Miles

"Fly with the angels, Diva"
The Garlands

Diva, there is peace in knowing that you are healed and much sadness in knowing you are gone. 
Les, Susan, Kate & Aimee

"There is a sacredness in tears.
They are not the mark of weakness, but of power.  They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues.  They are nessengers of overwhelming grief...and unspeakable love."
Washington Irving
Our condolences,
Randy Allgaier and Lee Hawn

Susan Schultheis

The Brown Family
Newark, OH


Here's a picture of a rainbow we took last January at our family home in Tucson.  Diva-Roo is now enjoying the view!!  She is now also visiting this so many of our beagles friends who have passed over the rainbow bridge.  They are helping her get around.  She is finally at peace - no pain. 
God bless!  
Susie, Ed, Kammi and Nellie


I am so sorry for your loss....remember all the happy times.


Dear Denise & Susan,
We are so sorry for your loss. We know how much you loved her and she had the best life a beagle could have because of the two of you. Now Diva will no longer be suffering or in any pain and she will be amongst other beagles who have crossed over the rainbow bridge. Our thoughts are with you and Diva now.  Cheryl, Nick & Sherlock



The Rainbow Bridge
We love you both, and are here for you.  Diva is finally at peace...
Love, Carolyn Sterner

 Diva-doo, I am so sad you are no longer here.  I will deeply miss seeing you whenever I visit your hone.  You are now a special light in the sky shining down and holding your mommies close to your heart.  Fly free, sweet girl.  You will also ahve a special place in my life.  The "Little General" will reign supreme wherever you wanter in search of your favorite treat.  Much love my from my family and me,
Auntie Michelle
A little secret I learned, that, that extra heartbeat you will feel now and than, that was placed there by god, for he put little Diva's love right there for you to always remember her by.
A remembrance of her song. 
Sue Hughes

We are so sorry to hear about your loss. It's hard when you lose a pet because there aren't usually any bad memories that we have with them. Although it may not seem it now, time heals all wounds.
Val, Joe, Joe Cool and Melvis
For everything you both did for Diva from puppyhood through her 
passing you must remember that your little girl knew love that was 
unconditional because of you.  Nothing can help you right now during 
your grief  but please know that there are a lot of people here who 
love you and care about you - when you're ready to tell your stories 
(funny, sad and heart-touching) we'll be here for you.
Hugs to you at this sad time -
Pattie Scully

The Beginning and The End
A poem written by
Michele Krause

My heart was breaking when I read that Diva had gone to the rainbow bridge.  We know that she fought hard, along with you two trying everything possible to make her well.  Please know you are in our prayers......

Claudia, Carl and Miss Harmony


We are so lucky to
have met this special girl.
Love, Aunt Vicki and Uncle Dan

God Speed, Dear little one... Always in our hearts!!   Ginny

doGspeed, Diva. You were greatly loved and will be greatly missed.
Cindy, Rascal and Roadie

We are so sorry for your loss.  We know how hard it is to lose a member of your family.  Big hugs from us to you and Denise!!
Sandy, Dan, Steven, Austin AND
Joelle, the Service Dog & Bailey,the Beagle

I am so sorry to hear about Diva Roo. May she run and play, free of pain, with the other pets who have crossed. Here's a poem that I've shared before when I've had friends suffer the loss of a fur child. I hope someday someone will share it with me when the time comes for me to say goodbye to my beagle girl. My thoughts are with you.

Denise M.


Diva, you will always have a very special place in our hearts.  Bella will miss all the fun times she had with you at Beagledor and Daisy is sad that she just started to get to know you.  But, we all know you are now romping thru the grassy meadows on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge with Admiral Snoopy.  God speed, our sister.
Ron, Bellan & Miss Daisy

May you romp freely, snuggle with all you meet and sleep in peace.
Jann, Napo, Keep-er, Kerby & QT

Thank you to Gramma, who sent beautiful flowers honoring our beautiful girl.
(Denise & Susan)
I can't tell you how sorry I am for yoru loss.  It's just unimaginable.  Our thoughts are will all of you.
Love, Amy & Boomer

A candle has been lit for Diva, who made her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. doG speed, little one.
Charlotte & Kate


We're so sorry to hear about the loss of this beautiful Beagle girl. She was well loved which brings great heartache. You're in our thoughts.
Cathy, Justin and Emmett

Everytime we hear the collar tags jingle......another special beagle has gotten their wings. Fly away in peace sweet Diva and know that you were loved by so many.
Jackie C
God bless you both and keep you strong during this time - and know your
little girl is smiling down on you both, in love and gratitude for the
wonderful life you gave her.
Jenny, Ed, Jack, Remy & Mousie (Skye)


I'm so sorry that it was Diva's time to go to the Bridge.  She's 
whole & happy again and will be waiting for you when it's your turn 
to make that journey.  Remember, she's not gone, she's just "gone 
ahead" on the next part of her journey.
doGspeed Diva.  Find my Sprite when you get there.  She lived with 
beags for years here on earth and even though she's a bit bossy, 
she'll show you the ropes!!! You were loved by many and will be missed.

Sydney, "the girls" & Marshall


I'm so sorry to hear about Diva. You worked so hard to help her overcome that devastating illness she had. Rest assured she's feeling pain free now and the rescue angels are watching over her with extra special care. They know all the wonderful things you do for others!!  Bella, myself, Sammi and her 5 little girls all send lots of hugs & caring thoughts your way and to Diva.  Take care of yourselves and get lots of rest.  Let me know if there's anything I can do.   Jane 


In loving memory of a
beautiful and brave
little girl.
Kate & Coqui'


So sorry to hear that your little angel has started her little journey to the bridge... Her star will shine brightly above you this holiday season.  She knew she was loved.
Sylvia, Cassidy, Sundance, and Blizzard.... 6 Pawz Up for a safe and peaceful journey

My dear niece, Diva, you are free forever and "gramma said you could!"  We love you so much, and we will miss your strong spirit and the fight and courage you had during this year..I promise to watch out for your Mom always!  Princess misses you a place for her in that running free place ok?  With love always,
Auntie Linda

My heart goes out to you, but know that Darling Diva is watching over you with love from the Rainbow Bridge.....She left some big paw prints in your hearts and she will be remembered always.  I know that my Penelope and Napoleon.) have met her on the bridge and are caring for her with love.  Know that she is without any pain and is smiling down on you........I will be lighting a candle for her tonight and know that the candle lights from all over will be shining for her.  Diva was one beautiful beagle in and out!  I will always picture her inside the Hills dog food bag with her little tush sticking up.




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