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Please join us in honoring those who have crossed before us. 

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"Penny Wilkening"

May 21, 2007

Such a sweet girl whose owners dumped her off in a shelter, ill and in pain.
She was a joy for CBR to rescue and she was a model foster girl.
Just days after coming into our fold, she become very ill and
eventually was hospitalized for pneumonia and renal failure.
After 3 days in ICU, our veterinary team delivered the fateful news
that Penny's prognosis was very grim.  CBR Treasurer, Gail Wilkening, wanted Penny
to have a family before she passed.  Only hours after the signing of her adoption
papers, Penny left this world to join the many others who are now romping
in fields of flowers over the rainbow bridge.  Gail, she knew she was loved
and wanted, thanks to your selfless act of kindness. Rest in peace, sweet Penny Wilkening.
You were loved.
(Cause of renal failure: tainted dog food from the recall)

Please join us in lighting a candle, wherever you may be, to honor Penny
on Monday, May 28th at 7PM, Pacific Daylight Time.

Memorial contributions have been made in Penny's honor by:
Becky Isenberg
Denise Sproul & Susan O'Brien
"Godspeed, sweet Penny.  You know you are loved." - Rick & Mary Garland
Vicki Marty

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(pronounced 'two-two')
June 16, 2007
A tribute to the memory of 22.  She was a good friend of QT and a loving pet to
Jann, Amber, and Sarah.  She also often shared "her" dog bed with the resident
beagle, Napoleon, and once in a while, a CBR foster beagle.  Run free and purr loudly, 22!
Michelle & David

Please join us in lighting a candle, wherever you may be, to honor 22
on Monday, June 18 at 7PM Pacific Daylight Time

Memorial contributions have been made in 22's name by:
Michelle & David Dodgson
Susan O'Brien & Denise Sproul
Rick & Mary Garland
"Godspeed 22.  Look up Pierre for me, please.  
I'm sure you two will become friends. "

To make a contribution in 22's honor, please click heart


"Peanut CiCi Garland"

August 10, 2006 - August 2, 2007
This sweet, gentle soul touched the lives of many.  She came to CBR with neurological problems that eventually caused her to leave this earth well before her time.  She was loved, cared for and provided the best medical care.  She was officially adopted by
Rick & Mary Garland on the 1st of August, 2007.  She will be missed and never forgotten. 
Thank you to all who contributed to her medical care.

Please join us in lighting a candle, wherever you may be, to honor Peanut
on Monday, August 13th at 7PM Pacific Daylight Time.

Memorial contributions have been made in CiCi's name by:
"Godspeed little with the others... until we meet in heaven." - Gail Wilkening
"Godspeed precious Peanut (CiCi)" Love, Carol, Britt, Gracie & Gunner

"For Peanut who captured our hearts when we opened the door to find Denise on our step with such a precious bundle. We were blessed for the week you were with us. We shed tears when you left our home and again as you left this earth. Now you are truly healed. "
Len, Susan and Kate

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