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Please join us in honoring those who have crossed before us. 

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May 15, 2001 - April 2, 2007
You were our first cat, Pierre.  You taught us to love kitties as well as dogs.
Gail, Bob, Katie, Mike and Katie
Oliver, Josie, Gracie and Violet

Memorial contributions have been made in Pierre's honor by:
Gail Wilkening
Susan O'Brien & Denise Sproul
Vicki & Dan Marty
Michelle Dodgson:  "Cats and dogs...'nuff said.  Pierre, go run and play with Lucy and her buddies."
cqueline Cavera
Maureen Capra


April 15, 2007
Rescued from a shelter fourteen years ago, Gypsy, beloved companion of Gayla,
crossed to the Bridge on April 15, 2007.

Memorial contributions have been made in Gypsy's honor by:

"Follow those scents as much as you like, sweet girl,
but meet your Mom when she comes to join  you."
LYM, Becky, Pebbles & Maggie

Goodspeed, Gypsy.   Gail, Josie & Oliver

Gayla, you remain in my thoughts and prayers during this time. I am so sorry. 
Sincerely, Nancy & Princess

With memories of such a special girl in the lovely field of wildflowers.
Kate & Coqui'

Patricia Ingram

Vicki Marty

Catherine O'Connell

Nancy Aldrich

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April 28, 2007

(Heart and wings symbol denotes Cascade Rescue Beagle)


He was a shelter dog with an uncertain future until he was

rescued, fostered, and then adopted by the family

he chose above all others.  He was loved and cared for far beyond

his expectations.  Jasper was a playful, sweet boy who loved to 'sit pretty'.

Taken too soon, he will be missed but never, never forgotten.


Please join us in lighting a candle, wherever you may be, to honor Jasper
on Monday, April 30th at 7PM, Pacific Time.


Memorial contributions in Jasper's honor have been received by:

Susan O'Brien & Denise Sproul
Michelle Dodgson
"Godspeed, Jasper." - Gail Wilkening
Mary Perlman

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April 14, 1996 - May 4, 2006

Our sweet Barney, our little "Boo", how we miss you as you left us far too soon.
Run free at the Bridge our sweet boy, and know how very much we loved you!
The Garland Family,
Rick, Mary, and Kayla

Memorial contributions in Barney's honor have been received by:
The Garland Family
Susan O'Brien & Denise Sproul
Gail Wilkening


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(Heart and wings symbol denotes Cascade Rescue Beagle)
1997 - May 8, 2007

Heaven has a new angel today... her name is Trella.  She was a sweet, demure girl who led a life of repeat breedings until she became of no value to her prior owners.  At ten years of age, she wound up at a shelter.  She was taken into the CBR fold and lovingly fostered for 3 months while we searched for the perfect forever home for her.  She was a model citizen who stole the hearts of all who had the privilege of meeting her.  The best day of her life was May 4th, when the perfect family came for her and adopted her.  She knew she was safe and that she was finally loved for who she was at that moment in time.  She wished she could show them how much she loved them back, but she let go and became very ill within hours with pneumonia.  On May 8th, despite the valiant efforts of veterinarians, she succumbed to her illness and left behind a gentle memory ...and yes, broken hearts.  But Trella, the most important thing is that you KNEW someone cared about you.  You KNEW a family WANTED you.  And we, at CBR, KNEW they were "the ones" for you.  We love you girl...go romp and play with the others who stood at the gates waiting for you to arrive.   You are now free from your pain and suffering.  Rest in peace, sweet Trella.

Please join us in lighting a candle, wherever you may be, to honor Trella
on Monday, May 14th at 7PM, Pacific Time.

Memorial contributions in Trella's honor have been received by:
The CBR Adoption Team: Susan O'Brien, Michelle Dodgson, Denise Sproul
Gail Wilkening - CBR Board of Directors
Steve & Sherry Arasim - Trella's family


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