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"Kammi" Connor

10/11/98 - 10/23/08

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When we were interviewing beagles for adoption, Nellie (our other rescue beagle from
Seattle) was ignoring them until she met Kammi.  She immediately went over and licked Kammi on the nose.  That was it! Welcome to your new home - Kammi !!

Kammi was a real trooper!!  She loved traveling in the RV (Oh! those smells at rest stops are enough to drive a beagle crazy) or the car (well! maybe not to the vets).  On our way to Tucson last winter, she proudly sat in her pet stroller while we wheeled her around in hotels.

Kammi had severe arthritis in her legs and it was very difficult for her to get around.  We had to lift her in and out of the RV and car. One of her most favorite thing to do was to climb the little stairs to the couch and sleep next to Dad.

We had the honor of having Kammi for 1 ½ years.  Everyday she made us laugh. She was definitely an “A” personality beagle.  She had no problem giving us her opinion on any subject.  We called her Kammi Girl and Peep Squeak.  We love and miss her very much.

Ed & Susie Connor

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Memory of "Kammi"

Please join us in lighting a candle, wherever you might be on Monday, to honor Kammi on Monday, November 3, 2008 at 7PM Pacific time.

Kammi, sweet Kammi.  Your silly personality made us laugh....and your story made us cry.  But knowing you found the life you deserved with Ed, Susie & Nellie made us whole.  We know you were loved and will be missed.  Now you are pain free and can romp with the rest. 

Denise & Susan

Ed and Susie -
Having loved and lost a precious beagle, my heart aches for you.
I remember Kammi's picture. She was blessed to have found you, and I'm sure she blessed your lives in return.
My thoughts are with you,
Susan Bynam

Godspeed Kammi. And please give Ed and Susie my most sincere condolences.  I know how awful and empty they feel right now.
Gail Wilkening

Thoughts and prayers from the Roberts Gang
Sandy, Dan, Steven, Austin, and....
Bailey the Beagle,
Joelle the Service Dog,
and Gracie and Hope, the foster twins!

Prayers going up.
Maureen and her Beagle Madison Lulu and cat Brooklyn
in Northridge, Ca.

with Napoleon.) and Penelope and cat Figaro watching over us from the Rainbow Bridge

I'm so sorry for their loss of little Kammi.  They sound like wonderful people who gave  Kammi  something she needed so desperately and happy life until she was called to the Bridge.

Oh no!  This is such sad news, and I know how badly Ed and Susie must be hurting.  But, thank the good lord for people like Ed and Susie who gave Kammi a wonderful life and loved her for the rest of her days.
Godspeed Kammi........
{{Ed & Susie}}
my beagles, Scooter, Autumn, Sebastian, & Katie
my goldens, Mollie, Bennett, & Sydnee
THE guinea pig, Mr. French
waiting for me, Bear, Bagel, Barney, & CiCi


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