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Lexie Marty

November 6, 2011

Lexie came to live with us, Dan and Vicki Marty, after she had been tossed from a truck, rescued by a passerby, given up due to allergies, rescued by Joyce and then given up as a gift of love because of cats!  Lexie licked her way into our hearts by simply licking Dan’s hand when we went to meet her. Lexie had many names.  Lexus, Lexie Lou, Queen Elizabeth, Baybee but none fit her better than Lexie Girl.  She took to clicker training like she invented it. Even out ran a Border Collie in a course race. She learned how to put away her own toys. She knew how to open doors and gates to get what she wanted but never wanted something that she should not have. She never tore up anything more than a stuffed animal to get the squeaker out. She knew the difference between a sock that she found and one that she was given. They say that some dogs actually talk. She was one of them. We knew from her voice if she wanted to play rope...or just needed a belly rub. She would sit for a long time in the sunspot on deck just waiting for the moment that she could race through the yard to chase a cat, a rabbit or even a simple mole.  Our exchange student, Bastian, always wanted a dog.  When he came to live with us he told us not only did he get his dog but he got a sister too.  They loved each other so much sitting together on the blue overstuffed chair.

Lexie was our heart dog but we had to love her enough to let her go.  We brought Lexie home to be buried in the back yard that she loved so much. 


Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears,

but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you…

I love you so…

Twas Heaven here with you.

Isla Paschal Richardson

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