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Frosty Rountree
(aka Grandma)
December 17 2010

I adopted her from a high kill shelter in Jonesboro, Ga where owner turn in are usually euthanized as soon as they walk through the doors. Somehow Frosty touched their hearts and they gave her a 2 day hold period and that's when I came along to rescue other dogs for a rescue group and I saw her. I instantly feel in love. Frosty did this funny little smile thing when she got excited and she was so happy and didn't even realize she was in a shelter where she was about to be killed. I had to take her home. She was 13 years old, but still had so much life and love left to give. I adopted her thinking that I could readopt her to a new home, but after having her at my house for a week I knew that she was never going to be anywhere else but with me. She was the most loving and loyal dog ever. Not to mention that she was the easiest dog to ever have. All she ever wanted was for someone to feed her a pet her head. She never got into anything and never bothered playing with toys. She didn't even want to go on long walks. Just let her outside to potty, feed her, and pet her head is all she wanted in life. And that's exactly what she got. I had Frosty just 3 days short of having her for 3 years when I had to make the decision to euthanize her because her lung disease had got so bad that she could not breathe anymore without being in oxygen. She was a fighter until the end and she gave me so much love and joy in those 3 years. I might have only had her for 3 years, but it feels like I've had her my whole life. Frosty was the best "by accident" rescue I have ever had and I wouldn't of had it any other way...if only for 3 years. December 16, 2010 I had to say good bye to my best friend. She was 16 and a half years old.
~Carrie Rountree

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To post a tribute ONLY, please click here heart is with you.  Of course we all know that you made the bravest decision ever....and you gave her this selfless gift to end her suffering.  But I also know it doesn't hurt any less.  She was your baby and your heart is broken.  I hope knowing that so many care helps ease your pain a little bit.   Much love, Denise @ CBR
I am so so sorry Tree. Frosty was a sweet lil girl and I'm sure she will be your angel dog watching over you. She was lucky to have spent her last 3 years being so loved.  Erin Houser

Oh Tree! I am so sorry! I cant imagine what I would do without my Pumpkin! I will be thinking about you!   Jamie Dale

I love you Tree! I'm so sorry! I love me some Frosty Paws! Softest ears in the world!!!  Amanda Deas

Carrie im sorry for your loss. I know your pain. I have been there, when i had to let my diesel go :( Your profile photo is very cute and emotional. I hope u feel better. Lots of hugs to u..  Sandeep Kuri

I am so sorry girl. Frosty was a wonderful dog. She will be greatly missed.  Desiree Ivy Twee I'm so sorry to hear this. I know how much frosty meant to you. She was the sweetest little dog. But you gave her a really good life that she wouldn't have had and she will forever be Frosty the snow dog :) call me if you need me. Love you twee !  Tara Kivett
im so sorry tree ! i'm just glad you're not on this week. i'm so, so sorry ! let's get this year behind us !  Trisha Moore Tree I'm so sorry to hear about frosty! If you need anything just let me know.  Laura Nicoll
I am so sorry Carrie. It is so hard to let go of a good friend.  Kristy Ivy I am sorry tree! She was such a sweet girl, and thank you for giving her 3 extra years.  Kim Pate
Sorry tree frosty will be missed I am thinking of u love u hang in there year is almost over.   Andy Pertuset I am so sorry tree!! Frosty was a sweet dog!  Maureen Canty
So sorry :(  Michael Wilson You are the bestest mommie Frosty could ever ask for. She loves you very much.  Shannon Hope
i love you tree tree :(  Kelly Metzker So sorry for your loss! You are in my thoughts!!  Tina Schremp
Oh tree, I'm so sorry! You were a great mommy to her.♥ Staci Parkins Oh Tree, I am so sorry.  Julie Hartfield
im soooo sorry Tree!!!!! :( They are like children.. She was a trooper...Shes no longer suffering.. and he had a wonderful Mama ;)  Kristin Ogosto Carrie, I hate this for you. I'll never forget Frosty laying on your Mom's sofa, "greeting" all the other dogs who dared to come too close. She was a spunky girl, and I'm sure her last 3 years were the best years of HER life, too!  Julie Ward
oh sweet Frosty! Tree was so lucky that you found her that day at the shelter and saved her from years of loneliness. You took very good care of her and made her feel so special. You will always remember that sweet smile of hers and how much you loved it when she scratched behind your ears. I know you will miss Tree, but she will always be a part of you!! We love you both!!!!!  Susan Collins So sorry, you will miss her. Kathy Barnes
so sorry to hear your sad news.. be thinking of ya.....Maley* I'm so sorry Carrie. Frosty was so sweet & I know how much she meant to you. I know how you feel....Amber Rathbun
I hate that you had to make that decision tonight and go through the pain of losing Frosty!! Hugs to you Tree!!! XXOO  Cheri Prince sorry to hear carrie, I know you really loved her and she was such a sweet dog (still have pic.s of her trying to play mother to shane)  Michael Ivie


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