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Cascade Beagle Rescue

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Phone: 503.299.4084

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Thank you for applying to volunteer your time and services to Cascade Beagle Rescue!  Please complete this form to the best of your ability.  Supplying us with this information will help us determine the best fit for our fostering needs. We are always in need of foster homes, and the more we have, the more beagles we can save.

Foster Application

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Personal Information
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If you responded "yes" please tell us who is home during the day:


What is the longest period of time the dog will be left alone? 


How many adults in the home?  

How many children in the home?  



Child #1:

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Ages of children in the home:



List any regular visitors who will be in contact with foster dogs:  

In what type of dwelling do you live?
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Do you own or rent?

If you rent, does your lease allow pets? Yes
  How long have you lived there?  
Landlord's Name:
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Current Living Arrangements with Animals
Have you ever owned a beagle? Yes No

Do you have any pets currently residing in your home? Yes No

If yes, please complete the table below:


Pet's Name




Pet #1
Pet #2
Pet #3
Where are your pets left while you're away from home?

Run of house


  Other (please explain)
Do these pets have a safe haven away from foster dogs? Yes No

Are your own pets accepting of new dogs in their home? Yes No


If no, please explain how you would handle this:

Are your pets allowed on the furniture or bed? Yes  No
Are your dogs currently on heartworm and flea/tick preventatives? Yes No
Are your dogs current on all vaccinations? Yes No
Please provide us with the contact name and number of your current veterinarian so that we may ensure that the safety of our beagles, and your pets, is met:
Vet's Name:
Vet's Phone Number:
(A phone number MUST be provided if you list a veterinarian)
By checking here, I hereby authorize the veterinarian listed above to supply information to Cascade Beagle Rescue with regard to the pets listed on this form.
Below, please list the names of people who are active in the dog community and are knowledgeable about your care of dogs (trainer, veterinarian, breeder, handler, current CBR volunteer, dog care professional, etc.)  If you do not know someone in the dog community, please list others who would have the same knowledge.
Reference #1 Name:
Reference #1 Phone Number:
Reference #2 Name:
Reference #2 Phone Number:

Foster Dog Information

Do you have any formal experience with training dogs? Yes No
Have you ever fostered dogs for other rescue groups? Yes No
If yes, which group?


May we contact them?
Is your yard fenced?
Is it suitable for a dog (i.e., fenced on all sides)?
How tall is the fence?
 What material (chain-link, wood), is the fence made of?
Do you have a kennel run? Yes No    

If no fenced area is available, how will you handle exercise and toilet duties?   
Will the beagle be walked?  Yes  No

If yes, how often?

Will the beagle be exercised in a fenced in yard? Yes  No

If yes, how often?

Will the beagle be allowed to run free? Yes  No  
Are you aware of the dangers of leaving your foster beagle outside in an enclosure when you are not home? (i.e., beagle could dig under or climb over fence, become a nuisance barker to neighbors, or even be stolen) Yes
Are you aware that beagles are quite vocal and can bay loudly at times? Yes
Are you aware that beagles cannot be let off leash because they will run off? Yes
Are you planning a move or take a vacation within the next 2 months? Yes
Who will care for your beagle when you are away from home for more than a day?  
Where will your foster beagle be left while you're away from home?

Run of house


Other (please explain)
Are you willing to housetrain a dog if necessary? Yes
How do/would you discipline your foster beagle?
Do you realize that at some point your foster beagle will probably destroy something of yours? Yes
Is anyone in the home allergic to animals or have asthma? Yes
If yes, please explain how this will be handled:  
Have you applied to volunteer or foster with any other rescue organization? Yes
Potential Foster Beagle Preferences
I am willing to foster the following types of dogs (please check all that apply):
male only puppy
female only young (1-3 years)
either M or F is OK adult (3-5 years)
special needs older adult (5-8 years)
injured animal senior (over 8 years)
behavior issues pregnant female
not housebroken female with litter
dog w/kennel cough aggressive toward other dogs
Please clarify/explain any of the selections above, and describe any relevant experience:

Will you consider fostering an inseparable PAIR of beagles? Yes
**Fostering a beagle may put you over the county pet limit.  Be aware of current regulations**


Do you have a hobby kennel license?  
Do you have a commercial kennel license?  
Have you ever had a neighborhood complaint filed again you regarding your pets?  
If yes, please explain:  
Have you ever been convicted of a crime against animals?  
* Have you read and understand the CBR foster brochure?  By indicating "yes," you acknowledge that a home visit may be required, and will allow a CBR volunteer to complete this.  You also acknowledge that there is contract that you will be asked to sign, and that CBR reserves the right to deny any application.


Yes No
Where did you hear about CBR-E?

Internet Search/Web

Word of Mouth/Friend
Sign or Poster
Newspaper Article


Which one?


Which one?

Other (please explain)
DISCLAIMER: I understand that completing this application is not a guarantee that I will be approved to foster a beagle and that Cascade Beagle Rescue has the right and responsibility to deny any application.  By submitting this form, I agree that all the above information I have provided on this application is, to the best of my knowledge, true, and complete and permission is granted to Cascade Beagle Rescue to call any references I have included on my application. I also grant permission to Cascade Beagle Rescue to obtain up to date records from the vet reference I have specified on this application. I understand that falsifying answers on this application, or at any other time during the adoption process, disqualifies me from fostering.

Additionally, I acknowledge that Cascade Beagle Rescue does not guarantee the health or temperament of any beagle that may be placed; however, every effort is made to provide accurate and detailed information about all beagles in our program.



Please email us with your comments, questions or suggestions.