Disclaimer:  This is a COURTESY LISTING ONLY and is not a Cascade Beagle Rescued dog.  We have not met this dog and do not guarantee any claims made by his owner.  You need to do your own due diligence.  This listing expires on 12/31/12.

All about Ranger:

Ranger is a  purebred beagle 4 years old. 

Owner contact:  Lisa McNally
Phone:  503. 933. 6808
Email:   liskanoelle@jonmcnally.net

A little bio on his personality:

  • Ranger came to us from a previous home in which he did not receive the regular training, exercise, exposure to other animals and people, and attention he needed. Since then we have worked with him extensively to create behavioral boundaries and expectations to help him feel safe and secure. Ranger thrives with frequent attention and direction from his owners and caregivers (he does very well at daycare). Ranger loves his routine and looks forward to his meals and daily exercise. Handsome and fit, he draws compliments wherever he goes.
  • Ranger is in excellent health. His teeth have been professionally cleaned within the last 1.5 years and he is very fit and spry. Ranger has a lot of energy and requires regular cardiovascular exercise, but he is calm and easily redirected when indoors.
  • Ranger is extremely affectionate and loves “lap time” with anyone who will offer it!
  • Ranger is not reliably safe around children and should not be placed in a home with Children. Ranger appreciates the company of persons older than 12 years; younger children make him anxious and/or socially competitive (exhibits curled lip, confrontational behavior, moves to nip/pursue if rambunctious kids are nearby, etc.).
  • Ranger can be aggressive (or, at least, overexcited) when other dogs and cats are on his “turf.” Ranger is sometimes leash-aggressive toward other dogs. By contrast, Ranger generally does well with other dogs when in neutral surroundings (on street or in park) and/or when off-leash.

Any health issues:

Ranger’s anal glands are distended and require regular extraction (every few months). Ranger appears to be sensitive to ingredients found in Bayer Advantix (experiences bouts of nausea) but he seems to suffer no ill effects using Advantage or Advantage II.


Describe your ideal owner for him:

We believe Ranger would do well in a number of scenarios. Here are a few:

  • A home with no children and physically active owner(s) who either have the resources to put Ranger in daycare while they are away from home, who work from home, or have a flexible schedule that allows Ranger to go to work with them.
  • Owner(s) who are experienced with beagles and have the dedication, resources, and knowledge to address leash-aggressiveness, resource guarding, separation anxiety, and other behaviors that need on-going behavior modification.
  • A home that either has extensive acreage or with owners who are able to provide stimulating outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, trips to the beach, etc. for Ranger.
  • Ranger has never lived with other dogs, but we suspect he would benefit from living with canine companions.

Is he food aggressive? Toy aggressive?:

Sometimes: Ranger does not do well with rawhide chews, bones, and similar treats. They stimulate resource guarding behavior (growling when others approach or attempting to bury or hide them, even if indoors). It is best to exclude such items altogether—he doesn’t know what he’s missing. Ranger does well with larger soft squeak toys for hide and seek and fetch. Ranger is not generally food aggressive except with children. He does well if he has the opportunity to “work” for his food (placed in a “busy buddy” ball or similar device).

Separation anxiety?:

Yes: Neighbors report that Ranger barks almost incessantly when left home alone in his crate. He will continue barking without tiring until we return. When not crated, Ranger barks, whines, and howls at the door and may become destructive. Ranger is happy when he rides in the car to events, even if he has to stay in the car for a couple of hours.

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